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Chapter 14 section one: Energy in the Atmosphere

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Anastacia Badillo

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 14 section one: Energy in the Atmosphere

Chapter 14: Energy in the Atmosphere, questions 1 through 3 question one: List three types of radiation from the sun. How are these alike, how are these different? Question two: What happens to the energy from the sun that is absorbed by the earth's surface? Question three: Why is the sky blue? Why are sunsets often red? Infrared Radiation
Ultraviolet Radiation
Thermal Radiation These types of radiations are alike becasue they are all caused by the sun. The radtiations differ because they produce diffrent kinds of radiation. Some of the energy is absorbed by the land and water and changed into heat. Gas molucles scatter short wavelenghts of visble light (blue and violet) more than long wavelengths (red and orange). So scattered light is bluer than ordaniary sunlight. Light from the sun passes through greater thickness of the atomoshpere then when the sun is higher in the sky more light from the blue end of the spetrum is removed by scatterin before it reaches your eyes. By: Ashleigh Little
Anastacia Badillo
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