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Sports Coaching 1 - Intro

Introduction to the Module

Alice Tocknell

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Sports Coaching 1 - Intro

Sports Coaching Assessement Schedule Module Structure Coaching Introduction to the Module

Alice Tocknell

alice.tocknell@hartpury.ac.uk Conclusion 1. Know the roles, responsibilities and skills of sports coaches
2. Know the techniques used by coaches to improve the performance of athletes
3. Be able to plan a sports coaching session
4. Be able to deliver and review a sports coaching session. What do you think makes a good sports coach? The Role of Coaching in Sport There is more to being a good coach than producing good athletes or excellent teams. The best coaches are those who give athletes a positive experience and motivate them to continue.

How do you think a sports coach can create a positive experience for the participants? Assessment 1: Roles of the coach. Written Assignment

Assessment 2: Planning, delivering and reviewing a sports coaching session. H&S and
Skills Roles & Responsibilities Innovator Friend Manager
Role Model Educator Legal Insurance Professional conduct Duty of Care Equal Opps Communication Organisation Analysing Time-management Techniques Observation and analysis

Performance profiling


Simulation Modelling Effective demonstration

Adapting practices for individual

Designing practices Planning a Coaching Session Aims and objectives Structure

SMART Participants

Resources H&S Warm-up Module structure

Assessment Structure

Whats is the role of coaching in sport? Pre Christmas

Post Christmas, While in schools List the different roles
of a sports coach Main body cool down

Feedback Delivering a Coaching Session Observation and analysis

Performance profiling


Simulation Modelling Aims and objectives Structure

SMART Participants

Resources H&S Warm-up How has coaching
evolved? Think of a coach you thought was good... Why did you think they were good? Think of a coach you thought wasn't effective... Why did you think that was? What will you be doing?
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