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No description

Hannah Collins

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Pewdiepie

Youtube career.
Pewdiepie is mostly known for playing horror and action games.

He has the most subscribed channel on Youtube with over 14million subscribers and growing.
He calls his subscribers and fans "Bro's"" or "The Bro Army".
It is now traditional for him to end his video's with a "Brofist"

When Felix started making videos. he quoted that he was "Too scared to talk to the camera".
"Fridays With Pewdiepie" began in 2011 where he started to make special videos every Friday. Even though he tends to upload them more on the weekend.

Felix tends to talk about any upcoming traveling, events, projects or contests that he will be doing.
He also shares with his Bros on what is going on in his life at the moment
Charity Work
Pewdiepie is involved in a few charity organizations such as; The WWF and St. Jude Children's Hospital.

He also started his own "Water Campaign" charity where his fans could donate money. His goal was to raise around $250,000. The charity raised well over $450,000.

Felix announced that he will use his "fame to help others", he has not disappointed anyone with this statement.
In conclusion, I believe that Pewdiepie is a wonderful person for helping those with his so called fame rather than just sitting there and doing nothing.

He is without a doubt one of the best youtubers around with his loveable and strange individuality.

Who is Pewdiepie?
Pewdiepie, also known as Felix Kjellberg is a gamer on Youtube.

He is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden.
However, he has also lived in Italy and is currently living in Brighton, England.
.Felix went back to fix his grades and managed to get the best out of 200 students in his Physics exam and went onto University to do art.

With the money he earned from an art show, he managed to buy his own computer and started his gaming video life.
Pewds Does Everything!
Pewds Does Everything is a side series for Fridays With Pewdiepie.
This is where he get his Bro's to send him ideas and challenges for him to do.
On a few episodes he has dressed in his girlfriend's clothes, dressed as a salad and twerked.
Fridays With Pewdiepie!
Popular Videos
The most viewed videos that were uploaded are;

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Harlem Shake Fail
And his Funny Gaming Montage series.
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