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Johnathan Graves

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of TransformSC

"A Transformational District"
A business-led coalition of educators, parents, students and community leaders committed to transforming public education.
District 50's Plan
Supports the district's long-term goal of college and career ready graduates
Provides networking opportunities with business leaders and educators statewide and regionally
Aligns with elementary, middle and high school curriculum
Springfield Elementary School
Year One Accomplishments
Launching Pad
Increased use of technology
Exploring project based learning
Greater focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
Future Goals
Expand project based learning opportunities across all grade levels
Continued collaboration with Westview and Emerald
Summer planning and professional development opportunities for project based learning
Westview Middle School
Year One Accomplishments
Creation of "Technology Ambassadors"
Greater connectivity
Piloted project based learning activities
Future Goals
Refine business partnerships to support STEM curriculum
Expand engineering experiences
Increase professional development opportunities
Emerald High School
Year One Accomplishments
Implementation of project based learning and inquiry-based lessons by all teachers
Greater focus on 21st century learning skills
project impacted
teachers and
High level of student engagement
Cross curricular planning and instruction
Future Goals
Engage more non-traditional students in STEMS education
Strengthen partnerships with businesses and post-secondary providers
Expand Career and Technology Education (CATE) opportunities
Our students must be able to compete in a 21st century workforce!
Profile of South Carolina Graduate
World Class Knowledge
Rigorous standards in language arts and math for career and college readiness
Multiple languages, science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), arts and social sciences

World Class Skills
Creativity and innovation
Critical thinking and problem solving
Collaboration and teamwork
Communication, information media, and technology
Knowing how to learn

Life and Career Characteristics
Global perspective
Work ethic
Interpersonal skills

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