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The Story of a Murderer

Nick Brubaker

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Perfume

Nick Brubaker
English - Pickering
Hour 6 Song: Scentless Apprentice Born in Midland, 1996 Patrick Süskind Born near Munich, Germany
Studied Medieval and Modern History The Story of a Murderer "Reading Perfume is like being submerged in a dark pool of the senses . . . . An original and astonishing novel" - Campbell Geeslin GENIUS Genre About Horror
Historical Fiction Every Wet Nurse Refused To Feed Him Jean-Baptiste Grenouille's mother gives birth to him in a fish stall. She is caught leaving him to die in a pile of fish heads. Her punishment is decapitation. He's Surely Possessed Grenouille is sent to Father Terrier after each wet nurse complains he is taking all their milk. Jeanne Bussie claims Grenouille is possessed by the devil because he has no odor. "They smell like fresh butter," she says of "normal" infants. The Story Electrolytes Smell Like What? Father Terrier, feeling exposed and frightened in the child's presence, promptly takes baby Grenouille out of the city, to Madame Gaillard's orphanage. Gaillard only provided basic necessities.
No security, attention, or love.
But Grenouille "had a tough constitution...In the
course of his childhood he survived the measles, dysentery, chicken pox, cholera, a twenty-foot fall into a well, and a scalding with boiling water poured over his chest." "He was as tough as a resistant bacterium and as content as a tick sitting quietly on a tree and living off a tiny drop of blood plundered years before." Grenouille made the other children extremely uneasy. They attempted--on more than one occasion--to suffocate him in his sleep. He leaves at age six. But not by choice.
Gaillard fears his special abilities
and sends Grenouille to work for
a tanner named Grimal. Setting: France, 1700s You Can't Fire Me Because I Quit Grenouille works with incredible endurance. He contracts anthrax after a year, but survives. His new immunity to anthrax attracts the master tanner's attention.
Grimal allows him to explore the city on weekends... Grenouille, now thirteen, is roaming the
streets when he identifies the ultimate scent He tracks the scent to a young redhead. Captivated by the odor wafting up from her body, Grenouille comes too close. He startles the girl before impulsively strangling her to death. Grenouille happens to meet the perfumer, Giuseppe Baldini. To say the man teaches Grenouille about the craft would be inaccurate. It's more the other way around. Grenouille's perfumes bring Baldini great
wealth. They release them regularly for five
years before an eighteen-year-old Grenouille
departs from Paris, with no intentions of
returning. Giuseppe Baldini dies shortly after the departure of his scentless apprentice. The End of Part One Characterization Grenouille Conflict Grenouille vs. World Connections Grenouille and Chuck Pros
the imagery
rangeof emotion (in Grenouille)
graphic; obscene Cons
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