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Spiritual Life & Campus Ministry

No description

Brian Beckstrom

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Spiritual Life & Campus Ministry

Spiritual Life & Campus Ministry
Weekday Chapel: M/W/F, 10:15-10:35 AM.

Take a 20 minute break to be refreshed and renewed through music, word, and prayer.
Eucharist: Wednesday 9-10 PM
A student led contemporary worship service with open communion.
Sunday Morning Worship: Sun, 10:30-11:30 AM
Service of Holy Communion where all are welcome. Student choirs and musicians are often featured as well.
#All students, faculty, and staff are welcome at worship and the communion table.

What we do: Worship
Faith Expression Groups

Student led groups focused on a variety of different issues or causes and supported by Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry.

Wartburg Embracing Bremwood (WEB) —Wednesday night, religious education with children and youth at Bremwood Lutheran Home in Waverly.
Manna –– Work with networks of people across the country to alleviate hunger. Manna is committed to hunger awareness, education about the causes of hunger, and action that can make a difference at the local, national, and global level.
Voices of Praise –– Gospel music shared on and off campus. Practice weekly.
Kantorei –– Use your voice for God’s praise. All students welcome. Contact Dr. Karen Black, director, for more information.
Adopt-A-Grandparent –– visit elderly residents at Bartels on a regular, supportive basis
Psalm 149 (Worship Dance) –– Express your faith through dance on campus and in congregations.
Catholic Knights –– Gather with other Roman Catholic students for fellowship and learning.
What we do: Faith in Action
We provide care, guidance and support to all Wartburg students, faculty, and staff.

Wartburg is a diverse community of faith that includes Students from dozens of different Church backgrounds, many different world religions, and those without a faith preference.

Who do we serve?
Spiritual Life & Campus Ministry
@Wartburg College
The old people are the Pastors
The Campus Pastors are typically available M-F for individual appointments with students, faculty, and staff. We also have trained student peer helpers who are available for conversation.

Popular Topics include:
Grief, homesickness, and relationship issues.
What am I going to do with my life?
Faith questions.

Pastor Ramona:
Pastor Brian:

What we do: Spiritual Direction & Support
What we do: Small Groups/Bible Study
The Way of Jesus: Living the Faith
An intentional community of students who want to explore and grow deeper in the Christian faith through Bible study, prayer, retreats, and service.
Meeting times vary by group and no experience is necessary. Contact Pastor Brian for more information (

There are also numerous informal Bible Studies and small groups on campus. The Pastors are happy to provide resources and support for groups.
Diwali Festival
Building relationships with people of other faiths promotes understanding and also helps clarify our own beliefs. We collaborate with students, faculty and staff from Muslim, Jewish Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu backgrounds.

Interfaith Dinner Group:
Meets monthly over dinner for conversation and fellowship.
Interfaith Chapels
The last Wednesday of each month we invite a person from a different religious tradition to share with the community.
What we do: Interfaith
Wartburg is an inclusive community of faith rooted in the Lutheran (ELCA) tradition.

The Office of Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry accompanies students, faculty, and staff from all traditions on their spiritual journeys.
Thank you!
For more information Follow Spiritual Life & Campus Ministry



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