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Bath and body works

No description

Dasia Runnels

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Bath and body works

Bath and body works 14200 E Alamida Ave #2019 Aurora, CO
By: Dasia Runnels

bath and body works opened their first store in 1990 in new Albany Ohio and has been opened for the past 33 years
you can find items both online and in store
bath and body works operates more than 1,700 stores in the untied states including Canada.
bath and body works offer all costumers personal care products,
bath and body works offers there customers free lip gloss testers so you can try it on.
bath and body works specialize in shower gels, lotions. lip glosses, perfumes, body mist and moreover home fragrances.
bath and body works sell fragrances for male and females.
net sales as of January 28, 2006, where higher than limited brands except Victoria secretes
Victoria secrets located right under bath and body works.
some collage'= 3,686
limited brand company
bath and body works also specialize in skin-care and beauty care for your body.
located in a area that is convenient for the residents of Aurora CO
Total Population

median income under 25.:$19,750
median income 25-35: $36,821
median income 35-44:$41,407
median income:45-54:$40,333
median income 55-64:$39,651
median income 65-74:$29,395
median income over 75: $22,303
no high school= 915
some high school= 923
associates degree= 1,246
bachelors degree= 4,887
graduation degree= 2,931
white= 20,959 (68.64%)
black or african american= 3,997(13.09%)
american indian and Alaskan native=556(1.82%)
asian =1,698(5.56%)
native Hawaiian and other pacific islanders=147 (0.48%)
population hispanic=5,781(10.40%)
population non hispanic=24,752(81.07%)
large box company that carry's the same product
unsuccessful promotions of new natural products
E-commence-better understanding of target marketing .
social media optimization.
promote and educate natural products.
reducing the cost due to economy
competition from other body care shops (Victoria secretes,
company net sales (millions)=2,515 in 2011
financial markets (raises money through debt,ect.
low marketing shares
poor supply chain
age population in aurora, co 80249 in 2010
income statistics for aurora co,80249 in 2010
education level of aurora co, 80247 in 2010
population of ethnicity in aroura co, 80247 in 2010
constantly coming out with new products.
online website.
product and services expansion.
store expansion
low market shares
price wars between Victoria secrets
age:0-5 2,194=7.19%
age:6-11 1,311=4.29%
age:12-17 1,063=3.48%
age:18-24 3,549=11.63%
age:35-44 3,712=12.16%
age:45-54 3,404=11.16%
age:55-64 2,733=8.95%
age:65-74 1,840=66.03%
demographics page for age/ethnicity/and education and graphs.
strengths and weakness that i have found on this website
children that come in the store do not really buy anything.
growing population if new customers
last 3 weaknesses found on this website
opportunities and threats found on this website
weak damaged brand
ubiquitiouegory, product, services
maturing categories, products, or services
lower cost competitors or imports
international expansion helping the growth of bath and body works.
product not lasting long on your body, such as fragrances, body mist.
located in a family store (mall) because the mall is so big its harder to locate the store
effecting conveyer sales due to big groups that come in the mall
Victoria secrets pictures
bath and body works pictures
fragrance hut also specializes in quality perfumes
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