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The Signmaker's Assistant

The Signmaker's Assistant Reading Street

Jamie Sink

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of The Signmaker's Assistant

afternoon - the time of day between noon and night
Vowel Patterns
"aw" "au", "augh", "al"
hawk - the vowel sound you hear in "hawk" can be spelled "aw"

audience - the vowel sound you hear in "audience" can be spelled "au"

daughter - the vowel sound you hear in "daughter" can be spelled "augh"

salt and chalk - the vowel sounds you hear in "salt" and "chalk" can be spelled "al". Sometimes the "l" is silent.
Suffixes are word parts added to the end of a word to change their meaning.
Main Idea and Details
The main idea is the most important idea in the selection.

The main idea is often stated in a sentence within the first or second paragraph.

The details are the sentences that help prove the main idea.
A contraction is a short way to put two words together.

An apostrophe ( ' ) takes the place of one or more letters.
By Tedd Arnold
The Signmaker's Assistant
blame - to say that something is someone's fault
idea - a thought or an opinion
important - having great meaning
signmaker - someone who makes signs or public notices that give information
townspeople - people who live in a town
The suffix "less" usually means "without _______".
Tell what these words mean:

cheerless careless hopeless

cloudless endless helpless
Inferring is using what you already know and what you read to figure out something the author didn't tell us.
Find the contraction
I'm going swimming.

She can't come with me.

You don't need to go to the office.

We'll go to the park.
Use the two words to make a contraction
should + not =
are + not =
I + have =
he + is =
you + are =
they + will =
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