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FCCLA Life Event Planning

No description

Payal Patel

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of FCCLA Life Event Planning

J'adore la
Ville des Lumieres

Table of Contents


Type of Event:
Graduation Trip
Roles and Priorities
Comparison Shopping Two
Comparison Shopping Four
We decided to choose Air Canada Airlines because they have the lowest price for a flight for two people. Air Canada Airlines also had good reviews, making us come to a decision to pick their company.
The hotel we chose was Residence Hoteliere Champ de Mars because the price of the room was very affordable. Also, the location was great, it had all the amenities we wanted, and had great reviews.

The restaurant we chose to eat out at as a fancy dinner would be the 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant. We chose this restaurant because it had the best reviews and the a great deal for a fancy dinner. We also loved the fact of the restaurant was in the Eiffel Tower on the top floor.

The company we chose to rent our car from was the Europcar Car Rental Company. We chose this company because they had the best kind of car to meet our needs for a price, within our budget.

Financial Plan- Income

Date of Departure: July 6, 2015
Date of Arrival Back Home:
July 12, 2015
We need to plan a safe and fun trip that is within our budget, which will allow us to enjoy our time together, and learn the roles of money management.

We plan on finding a hotel, and airline, that can suit our accommodations, without being over our budget.
We want to learn more about the French culture, and experience the lifestyle of the people who live here. Also, we would like to see what Parisians do on a daily basis.

We want to try new things, such as the food, and the different areas of shopping. This will achieve one of our goals, which is eating on the top of the Eiffel Tower.

The last thing we would want to do is use our background knowledge of the French language and use that to help us interact and be social with the Parisians.

Our roles and priorities for this trip would include of fitting everything within our budget. Also, we would like to use the knowledge we already have to help us apply it when we go on this trip.
The tourist attraction that was the best decision, was to just enjoy all of them. We have decided this because they all fit into our budget and helped us with our goal, of learning more about the history of Paris.
While doing this project we learned a variety of things. We learned responsible money management skills, as well as, how to plan a successful, yet fun trip to the beautiful city of Paris, France. We learned to plan this trip without the assistance from parents. We’ve acknowledged the fact that many factors can make or break a trip. Such as delayed flights, and far away parking. Also, the importance of having a passport while traveling abroad. Lastly, what types of vaccinations are needed in foriegn countries.

We plan to use savings from over the years which is worth $750.
We decided to take out $20 each week from our part-time job paychecks to have $480 over the course of 6 months.
We used our summer jobs to take out $35 each week, so over the course of 2 months, equaled out to $280.
We also worked a babysitting service that made us $250 for our trip.
So far, the total amount of money we have saved is $1,760 after savings, part-time job, babysitting, and summer job.
Other places we received money from are Christmas- $200, Birthdays-$100, Bake Sale-$95, Yard Sale-$95, Graduation-$400, and Projection Graduation-$100.
After all these jobs and savings, we have a total of $2,750.
Our parents have decided that whatever amount of money we earn, they will double it.

Internet Resources:
We were able to use the sites www.travelocity.com and/or www.expedia.com for our comparison shopping, airplane tickets, and our car rental. The tourist attractions each had their own official websites
which ended in “.fr”.

Human Sources:
The resources that we used other than our online resources was Dr. Eatherton, our adviser, and our French teacher, Mrs. Uzzell.
Comparison Shopping One

Comparison Shopping Three
Tourist Attractions
Comparison Shopping Five
Car Rental
Event Plan Part Two
Event Plan Part One
-We will have a successful trip planned by January 16, 2015, giving us five weeks to complete this project.
-We will be planning a trip to Paris, France, as a graduation present to ourselves, and from our families.
- We will be using our money mangagement skills, background knowledge, and new resources to plan a trip to Paris.
- Planning this trip will allow us to plan accordingly to our budget, and ensuring we have each segment of information done by the alotted time.
- By allowing ourselves seven weeks to complete this project, we have dedicated a different part of this project to complete each week. This will offer enough time, and give us more time dedicated to each part of this project
Airline Choice
Hotel Choice
Restaurant Choice
Tourist Attraction Choice
Car Rental Choice
Financial Plan- Expenses
In total, after all the money we planned to save and raise, our budget is now set to $5,500.00.
The total cost for the hotel, airline, restaurants, tourist attractions, and car rental is $5,002.58.
This leaves us $497.42 for us to spend on daily food and shopping.
Throughout this project we have faced many challenges. Other than being financially challenged, there were many other challenges. These challenges conclude of keeping small bags on you when you are shopping because many thiefs can easily steal from you. Also, since we will be traveling with products that include outlets, we had to find outlet adapters. The last challenge we had was not being able to use any social media when were abroad, since it is expensive to use data in a foreign country.
What We Learned
Planning Process Part Two
Planning Process Part One
Slide 1: Title
Slide 2: Table of Contents
Slide 3: Project Identification Page
Slide 4: Online Summary Submission
Slide 5-8: Planning Process Summary Page
Slide 9-13: Profile of Event
Slide 14: Challenges With Our Financial Plan
Slide 15-24: Comparison Shopping
Slide 25-28: Event Plan
Slide 29-30: Financial Plan Details
Slide 31: What We Learned
Slide 32: Resources
Slide 33: Conclusion
Slide 34-35: Resources Continued

Merci pour
Online Project Summary Form
- We are planning a trip to Paris, France, using the skills of money management. This will be a graduation trip from ourselves and our parents.
- We want to be able to use our time wisely to complete the project within five weeks.
- As mentioned before, we would like to complete the project within five weeks, allowing us to complete different segments of our project within amounts of time, to give us a finished project.
- We have decided to stick with our goal and plan accordingly, ensuring us that each segment of work will be done by its alotted time.
- We would like to have this project completed by January 23, 2015, giving us five weeks to complete our goal.
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