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Copy of SAE Project (Bird House)

No description

Leeanna Bunch

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of SAE Project (Bird House)

SAE Project
Journal Entries
I completed my journal entries on paper.
What skills did i learn?
I learned skills on wood working and using a hammer and cutting and gluing wood.
Did i meet my goals
Yes, my goals were to make a safe
place for a bird to live in, protec it from weather and predators.And yes, i thankfully met all my goals.
What project did i choose?
For my Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project I chose to build a birdhouse. It is related to agriculture in several ways.
- It provides a bird a safe place to live.
- It protects the animal from predators.
- Prevents exposure to weather conditions.
- It offers a secure location to raise offspring.

I chose to build a birdhouse for my SAE project because
my grandfather has 3 red cardinal birds that live under his porch, So i decided to build a birdhouse so they could have a place to live.
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