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Emilee's Bucket List

20 Things I'd like to do before I die.

Emilee Thompson

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Emilee's Bucket List

By: Emilee Thompson Emilee's Bucket List #1 Graduate College #2 Sky Dive #3 Get Married #4 Go To Paris #5 Do something that changes the world! #6 Meet a President #7 Have 2 Kids (With a license in Dental Hygiene) (Over the ocean) (And the wedding will be HUGE) (To see the Eiffel Tower) (Make it a better place) (Preferably Obama) (Hopefully one girl, then a boy to follow) Swim With Dolphins #8 (In Hawaii) #9 Visit All 50 States (Just to be able to say I did) #10 Live in California for 1 year (To experience life on a coast) #11 Get a Tattoo for my Mom (To have when she's gone) #12 Become a Grandma (To see how my kids raise their own) #13 See a Jungle or Tropical Rain Forest (To enjoy what we don't have here in the US) #14 Go to Times Square for New Year's Eve (To be brought into a New Year in such a memorable way) #15 Live through a serious storm (To be able to talk about it when I'm old) #16 Be in an event that makes history (Like the Civil Rights Movement) #17 Write a Book (About my life, and struggles) #18 Save Someone's Life (Imagine that feeling) #19 Influence Someone in a Positive Way (To be better or do better) #20 Go to the Olympics (To watch Team USA)
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