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Turtle Bayou Resolutions

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buddy dog

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Turtle Bayou Resolutions

Turtle Bayou Resolutions
On June 13, 1832, a group of Anglo-American settlers adopted a resolution called the Turtle Bayou Resolution. This stated that they were loyal to Mexico and were not rebelling. They declared that they were supporting Santa Anna who was a very popular leader trying to overthrow Anastasio Bustamante.
Why was this Important?
* Greatly Increased Santa Anna's Forces
* Leaned Texans toward the Mexican rule
* Document would later become to Texas Revolutionary Movement
Events leading to the Signing
1. Bradburn arrested William B. Travis and others without proper charges.
2. Outraged settlers formed a military and captured 19 of Bradburn's soilders.
3. Bradburn declined to trade the soldiers
for Travis and the others.
4. Bradburn ordered a counterattack against the settlers and they retreated to the Turtle Bayou area.
5. Settlers send John Austin to go get a cannon to fight Bradburn.
6. While Austin is away the settlers drafted the Turtle Bayou Resolution saying that they supported Santa Anna.

Why did the settlers support Santa anna?
* Claimed to be a Federalist
* He supported Mexico's Constitution of 1824
* Did not support Bustamante, who ignored Mexico's Constitution and was a Centralist
* He was a strong leader for the settlers to support even though they later fought against him
"The Turtle Bayou Resolutions." Welcome. Texas State Library and Archives Commission, n.d. Web. 12 Nov. 2014.

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* A picture of the original Turtle Bayou Resolution
Santa Anna
Vocabulary You need to know
Federalist - a person who believes in sharing power between the states and the national government

Centralist - a person who believes power should be in the national government

Texas Revolutionary Movement - a movement between 1832-36 in which settlers claimed their independence from Mexico and established the republic of Texas

Mexico's Constitution of 1824 - a constitution similar to Americas it gave little power to the federal government and broad power to local government.

1. What where two reasons why the signing of the Turtle Bayou Resolutions where important to Texas.

2. Why was Santa Anna favored over Bustamante by the Anglo-American settlers

3. What happened after Bradburn declined to trade Travis and the others for his soldiers?
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