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Nerd Haven Bookstore

Econ project

Becca Eksfoklahcs

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Nerd Haven Bookstore

A harbor for all the loners, the geeks and the antisocial insomniacs. Our mission is to provide quality literature at a benevolent price. Operations Mon -Wed 7:00AM - 8:00PM
Thu - Sun 8:00 AM - 7:00PM Employee Training & Education: Requires a High School Diploma/GED Trained by Superior Employees Weekly Hours Company Description Competition Marketing Plan Main Competitors: Image [Ulrich's Bookstore] Dawn Treader Book Shop West side book shop Provides
Quality literature
Quiet place in the middle of Ann Arbor
Textbook buy backs
Frequent sales Motte & Bailey Booksellers - Location Marketing Advantage: Location, Experience Products and Related Services We provide:
A safe, relaxing, reading environment
Free Wi-Fi
Buying back textbooks
Future Plans:
To open a coffee shop on the lower level
To sell e-books Future Plans Frequent sales
Sale and introductory fliers
$45 a month
$15 flier paper [1000 run a month]
$22 photo paper [500 run a month]
$8 ink Target Market Industry Analysis Demographics:
College Students

Near the campus of the University of Michigan
Market Size and Trends:
Total Revenue: $18 bn
Average Growth 2007-2012: -3.0%
Number of Employees: 173,723
Number of Businesses: 22,979 Name: Nerd Haven
Location: 1115 Broadway, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Size: 2,268 SF Management and Organization Key Employees 1 Manager per shift: Maintain staff, Maintain service quality, Financially in charge 2 Sales Associates per shift: Marketing, Customer Aid General Information
Economic Sector: Tertiary
Reason Needed: Book stores are closing due to e-books and online sellers
BUT! In a college town, books required in hard copy for class
If you're going in to buy textbooks, we intend to distract you with other more awesome books too. Operate Cash register
Shelf/Sort books 2 Book sorters per shift: sorts and shelves books 88,549 (Staff included) U of M Ann Arbor: 114,925 Industry The book industry is decreasing
BUT! not in college towns. Roughly 10 thousand classes are offered each semester - roughly 70 thousand students are at U of M.
Every class doesn't require a book but many require more than one. Shifts Mon -Wed: Two 6.5 hour shifts
Thu - Sun: Two 5.5 hour shifts Industry Luckily, books sell year-round. We wouldn't be greatly by affected by the weather but we would definitely sell more books during the beginning of the new semester at U of M. Our Advantage: A comfortable environment
We're close to the university
We match prices Compensation and Incentives A fun environment (we have bean bags!)
A safe place for intellectuals (AKA nerds) Goals:
A cofee shop on the lower level
To sell e-books
Be very helpful towards customers
Become known for our slightly eccentric set up
Match prices set by other stores
Books are becoming less popular
People are shopping online more often A harbor for all the loners, the geeks and the antisocial insomniacs. Our mission is to provide quality literature at a benevolent price. If we start losing customers to other bookstores we'll open the coffee shop or start selling e-books, depending on the reason for the lost customers
We'll always provide a welcoming environment Future Competition Starting salary of 7.50
Sales associate is a 30c an hour raise
Managers get paid the most
Work hard, get promoted $957,349.95 Start up costs Monthly Expenses $79,061.47 Monthly Revenue $115,115.00 Profit $36,053.53 Financial Data and Projections
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