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minds of serial killers

No description

mcalister zeller-newman

on 1 May 2011

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Transcript of minds of serial killers

Minds of Serial Killers Steve Egger, used six characteristics to defined serial murders:
(1) There are a minimum of two murders
(2) the killer and victim are unrelated
(3) the murders have no direct connection to each other and occur at different times
(4) the murders usually occur at different locations
(5) victims may have characteristics in common with earlier or later victims
(6) the murders are not committed for material gain but for gratification based on fantasies.
Hickey's 1997 database of approximately 399 serial killers, the average age of the murderer at the time of the first killing was 27.5 years
Criminologists James A. Fox and Jack Levin (2001) found:
-90% of seril killers are males
-73% percent of the males are white
-22 percent were African-American
-remainder were of different ethnic groups. Fox and Levin report that the researcher Grover Godwin's 1999 database of 107 serial killers revealed:
-average age of 30.
-95% were males,
-5% were females
-16% were African-American.
Godwin found:
-4% of his sample graduated with a bachelor's degree
-most were employed in blue-collar jobs.
-victims were 67 percent female, with children, prostitutes, and the elderly as other preferred victim categories
-20 % of Godwin's sample were males who had additionally been raped by their attackers. In 1996, according to the FBI's "Uniform Crime Report":
-68% of American murders were committed with firearms
-26% were the result of hands on violence-stabbing, beating, strangulation and another
-6% were committed by other means, including arson, bombs, and poison.
Serial killers :
-51% kill manually
-22% with firearms
-10% who utilize "other" means
-14% alternate between shooting and manual attacks
-3% use anything and everything available as homicidal tools.
Charles Manson David Berkowitz Dean Corll Albert Fish Gary Heidnik John Wayne Gacy Iles Koch Ted Bundy Jeffrey Dahmer Gary Leon Ridgway Zodiac Killer Murder “the unlawful killing of a human being by another” Serial Murders"consisting of repetitive killing which are one on one with rare exceptions, where the relationship between the victim and the offender is that of stranger or slight acquaintance and the motivation to kill and apparent motives are lacking”. Zodiac Killer Thrill Seeker Serial Killer A famous example of a seriaal killer that has never been caught
Occured of a time periord of ten months in northern california
Thrived on outsmarting law enforcement
Crimes suddenly stopped for no apparently no reason, which goes against the general classification of serial killers never stop
Case was classified as inactive as of April 2004, ending a 35 year investigation with nothing to show for it. Power and Control Serial Killer Jeff Dahmer Killed 17 men between 1978 and 1991
Jeffery Dahmer was a homosexual and that was his reasoning behind male victims
His parents were Christains through out Dahmer's early years he was always taught homosexuality was wrong which led to him repressing his fantasies
He had a troubled childhood, he would collect road kill for the bones, as well he was a bed wetter till a later age
The victims were young black men that he woud engage in sexual relations with, willing or forced, then kill them after.
Died in prison, by being beaten to death by an inmate This usually involves a man as the offender and a woman as the victim Serial killers who try and outsmart law enforcement and thrive on the attention The visionary killer Claim that they are compelled to kill because they were told by angels, demon, Satan or even God. David Berkowitz Or the Son of Sam
Went on a year long shooting spree killing 6 people
Originaly claimed that a demon dog was telling him what to do
Then later claimed that he was part of a Satanic cult Whose actions feel justified because to them they are doing society a favor by killing certain people such as prostitutes. The mission oriented killer Gary Leon Ridgeway Comfirmed 48 murders
Murder victims were all woman
In an interview with the police he said “I thought I was doing you guys a favor, here you guys can’t control them, but I can” he believed prostitutes were an infestation, a disease that he had to cure.
In other interviews he claimed it was “his job” to kill prostitutes, that they were “second class citizens”
He killed woman he felt were undeserving to live, this consisted mostly of prostitutes General Stats About Serial killers A FBI study of 36 killers, 29 of these killers being serial killers, shows that 69% of these killers have family histories of alcohol abuse, while 52% with psychiatric problems, 46% admitted to family sexual problems and 33% have history of family drug abuse. There are four general categories of serial killers why serial killers kill more than one victim, why do they feel as if they have to continue to kill and why killing one person isn’t enough In almost all cases the killer has fantasy about doing such acts, the more time that passes the more detailed and elaborate they become. This occurs till the breaking point is reached where the killer cannot contain their fantasies anymore and try to recreate them in real life, leading to killing another person or several. Since their victim or victims act differently than expected or the method they dreamed about isn’t as satisfying as originally intended, they continue to kill in hope that with practice they will be able to reenact their fantasy. If able to avoid being caught by law enforcement, the killer becomes more experienced at replicating their fantasy, but in some cases the fantasy are so unreal that they continue to kill even though they can never truly match their fantasy. It is to believe that serial killers are made not born, that everything a serial killer does is a reflection of their past, how they pick their victims, the choice of weapon and how they dispose or leave the body can be linked back to the killer’s upbringing. Factors that play a key part in influencing their upbringing are: the community, if the community outcasts the killer, discriminates or bullies him or her it could lead to violent out breaks or repressed hatred for the type of people they are being color, age, gender and or religion. This could be one of the reasoning behind the choice of people and or it could come from: the religious views of the family or community, how they interact with peers or lack of peers and the general environment. Serial killers are made not born Every thing a serial killer does is a refection of their past, this referes to how they pick their victims, the choice of weapon and how they dispose or leave the body.
factors that could influence the serial killer are:
the community, if the community outcasts the killer, discriminates or bullies him or her it could lead to violent out breaks or repressed hatred for the type of people they are being color, age, gender and or religion.
the religious views of the family or community
how they interact with peers or lack of peers
the general environment. By: McAlister Zeller-Newman
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