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An Unofficial Guide to OpenStudy

Unofficial OS guide

Roly Poly

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of An Unofficial Guide to OpenStudy

1° Code of Conduct
An Unofficial Guide to OpenStudy
To begin with,
let's have a quick review
on the Code of Conduct
Now, you should be quite familiar with OpenStudy!
Getting started - to ask a question...
Getting started - how to reply to a question?
How to change my account settings?
Why not starting asking your first question, leaving your first comment, meeting many awesome users here now?
When you ask...
1. Post the question in the right group and do not ask it multiple times

2. Ask your question as clear as possible (eg: "factorize 2x+4y" instead of "2x+4y")

3. Participate in the problem-solving process:
we are here to learn, not just look for the final answer to the question!

4. Do not post questions from the exam/test/ quiz that you're taking! (or do anything
that is against your school's Honor Code)

5. Don't post off-topic questions (eg of off-topic question: "Hello" or "happy birthday")
When you answer...
1. Don't give out the answer! - Giving out answer doesn't help the asker learn
(eg: x= 10 ; for multiple choice question: A)

2. Guide the asker instead of doing all the work yourself
- Give a chance for the asker to try

3. Don't go off-topic!
1. Be nice :)

2. Keep the content you posted to be appropriate - no foul languages, sexual harassment

3. Don't game the system (eg: by participating in medal parties to inflate your SmartScore;
ask multiple questions at the same time by creating more than one account etc.)
Credit: Code of Conduct at http://www.openstudy.com/code-of-conduct
Click this button to find a suitable subject
where your question belongs to!

Check to see if you
are in the right

Check if you can find a suitable subtopic for your question. If not, don't panic ;)

Now, you can ask your question by typing it in this "Ask a question..." box! :)
Getting started - after you ask a question...
2° Asking a question
3° Answering a question
4° Basic stuffs / settings

It was the ''Ask a question..." box. But now, your question is here!
Note: You may not be able to see the complete question in this small box
If you just ask your question, you can see you question under this "Open Questions" box. Note that if other users post questions / bump their questions, your post will ''sink''!
[ like you can't see my post here now :'( ]
Yay! You can view your post on the right!
If you make mistakes when you type the question, use the "Edit Question" button to edit it! DON'T start a new post because of your typo!
See this "Bump" button?

When it is blue, you can click it and.... magic!
Your question is bumped to the top! Yay!!

Are you satisfied with the response you've got? Do you still need more help?

If you don't need more help on this question, then you can click this "Close" button. Your question will be closed and it can no longer be found in the Open Questions list. Though, you can still find it in the Closed Question list
Warning: If you close a question, you cannot open it! And if you post the same question twice, it may be considered as spam! So, think twice!
Don't forget to click the "Best Response" button for the best response to your question! :)

You can only give ONE best response for each question, so, pick the best of the best!
Next answer a question

You can seek help by posting a link to your question in the chat window
Warning: DO NOT post your question there though!!!
Remark: if you want to include an attachment, you can't put it here.
You have to attach it to the comment (see the section ''Answering a question")

Click the question you
want to answer (from
either Open Questions
or Closed Questions)
The whole question that the asker asked.

This tells you if the question is open or not. Probably it indicates if the asker still needs help on this question.

This box is where you type your reply in. When you finish, click the "Post" button
5° These three buttons are very helpful when you type your reply.
When you click this button, you'll see this:
This tool can help you type in LaTeX. You can type out the crazy symbols, fractions, and even matrices using this button!
If drawing a diagram help you teach, don't hesitate to use this tool!
You can type words there too! :)
Don't draw irrelevant pictures!!
Upload documents using this button :)
**You're strongly advice to type the question out instead of just uploading a document there!!
How can I become a fan?

Click the "Settings" button next to your name at the right top corner

Change your profile settings here. You can view your profile if you click on your username next to the "Settings" button

Want to change your password? Click on Account Settings!

Too many messages/notifications? Change the setting of it by clicking on the "Notifications Settings"!
How can I check the questions I asked or answered?

Do you still remember how to go to your profile?

Yes!! Click on your name!!!

See it? Yes!! Question Asked and Question Answered!!!
You can also check who are your fans and what testimonials they have written for you! :D

Move your cursor over that user's name

Click on the "Become a fan " button. Don't forget to write him/her a testimonial!

You can view the list of people who you are a fan by clicking this icon!
Grey? Aww... None of those whom I'm a fan of is online :(
* To block a user, just click the "Block User" button nearby
I want to message others on OpenStudy...

Move your cursor over that user's name
Click on the "Send Message" button
*This person's profile has been edited under permission

Type your message and click on the "Submit" button
Name of the recipient
Your message should be
typed in this box

Checking your messages
The messages you received
are being shown here
You can see all messages you've received and
sent by clicking on this button
What is this number?
Where's your SmartScore? Here!
To know more about SmartScore, click this
When you click it, you'll see.....
Click to
learn more!
Happy open studying :D
Who are those whose names are in purple,
or with an next to their names?
Users with purple names are either administrators (admins) or moderators (mods).

You probably cannot distinguish who are admins and who are mods by their names, though you can check the About Us page to see who admins are!
If you do anything wrong, these guys will take actions!
Those whose names with
next to the names are ambassadors.
They are here to help you get started. If you have any questions, ask them!
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