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Treaty of Trianon

No description

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Treaty of Trianon

Paying Reparations
Why did Hungary sign the Treaty?
Article 161. The Allied and Associated Governments declare and recognize that Hungary and its allies shall be responsible for all the losses and damages that are imposed on them and their citizens as a consequence of the war attacks.
Terms of the Treaty
Terms of the Treaty
Stated because of 14 points
From 810.000 men in 1914 to 35.000 volunteers
No conscription
From 30 battleships to no navy at all
No air force
Couldn't mantain domestic order.
The Central Powers Lose World War One
The Allies had won World War One
The Central Powers had lost, and a punishment was expected
The Treaty was imposed on them, they weren't invited to the discussion
If she didn't sign, the war would have continued
The Allies wanted to:
Dismantle empires
Prevent any further wars
4th of June, 1920
Grand Trianon Palace, Versailles, France
Paris Peace Times
Signing the Treaty on 4 June 1920 at the Grand Trianon Palace in Versailles, Albert Apponyi standing in the middle
Terms of the Treaty
Peace agreement
Signed June the 4th, 1920
Signed in the Grand Trianon Palace, Versailles, France
Signed between The Allied Powers and the Kingdom of Hungary
Included 3 terms:
Transfer of territories
Paying reparations
It was dictated rather than negotiated
Transfering of Territories
Stated because of 14 points
Slovakia and Ruthenia to Czechoslovakia
Croatia and Slovenia to Yugoslavia
Transylvania to Romania
Lost 75% of land
Lost important economic areas
Lost railways and roads
Became a landlocked state
Lost 2/3 of her population
3 million Hungarians lost their nationality
The Treaty of Trianon
What Was It?
Pre-war Hungary and her limits after the Treaty
200 million gold crowns
For 30 years
Destroyed Hungarian economy
Couldn't pay the total amount
Poverty and unemployment
Later on, Hungary joins Nazi Germany
Hungarian leader Miklós Horthy and German leader Adolf Hitler in 1938
La galerie des Cotelles, where the Treaty of Trianon was signed
Poster, Hungary 1921
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