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Injustice league

No description

Saanya Pal

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of Injustice league

Injustice league
Cat Women
Death Stroke
Joker (founder)
Doctor light
Penguin Fatality
Cheetah (founder)
Black Spider
Lex Luthor (founder)
Two Face
Black Manta


Origin of Injustice league
Lex Luthor
Death stroke
Some of the team members are :
By: Pavanpreet, Saanya, Karen, Syed and Maha

Thaal sinestro was an anthropologist in Korguar had an natural affinity for order for one of his meticulous reconstructions that wounded green lantern, prohl gosgotha crash landed and he gave his ring to sinestro. When gosgotha wanted his ring back instead sinestro let him die and took his place. The guardians was unaware of his actions and
allowed him to become the green lantern for sector 1417.


Sinestro has a yellow ring similar to green lantern's ring. It allows him to survive in any weather, create any shape and size,but the ring must be regularly recharged with a power battery shaped like a lantern.

Taking his ring away

- green lantern corps -sinestro corps
-the society - indigo tribe
-injustice league -white lantern corps

Real name:
Jack Napier


He was a robber who robed the bank which batman was trying to find. Joker jumped into chemicals, making his face white, hair green and metal.

Ultimate plan:
Defeat batman and cause chaos

Genius-level intelligence,Expert chemist and expert engineering

Enemy :


-in justice league
-injustice gang

Chemical flower,electric buzzer and razor sharp playing cards

Real name
:Slade Joseph Wilson
Arch nemesis
:Batman and the teen titans.
Master of various .
weapons, Superhuman Strength ,Physical and
:Deathstroke went into a coma and when he woke up he had increased his mental and physical power.
: Adeline kane (ex wife)
Grant wilson (son), Joseph
wilson (son), rose wilson (daughter).
Weakness:Taking away his powers/gadgets and his family.
Ultimate Plan
:To kill the justice league and the teen titans also get payed
Black Spider
Real Name:
Eric Needham,


Team affiliations:
Suicide Squad, Basilisk, League Of Shadows

Alter Ego:
Derrick Coe, Citizenship: American,
Notable Aliases: The killers, Darkman, Fulture, The ninja, Man-scars, The Crookman, Martial

Single, Occupation: Black Spider is an assassin and a member of the League Of Shadows


l think that our group (injustice league) is an effective team because the more people you have the more ideas you also have. Also the more people they have the more powerful they will be because they have different types of super villains so you will have different types of abilities like hand to hand combat, speed, strength, intelligence and etc. It will be easier to kill super villains because someone could lead them away and maybe the rest of the team could do the fighting and stuff. That is why l think the injustice league.
Agamemno contacted Lex Luthor to start the injustice league. After he got more villains to join the team so he can achieve his goal. Lex made a plan of taking over the world and splitting up super villains to defeat the justice league. He payed some super villains that didn't want to join the team. He made the team with allegiance of super powered criminals!

Moral Code:
The injustice League united so they can take down the Justice League and take over the world.
Real name:

Barbara Ann Minerva

Arch nemesis:

Wonder Woman
- Can transform in to Cheetah
- Claws and Fangs
- speed

Putting her in a cage


Hand to Hand combat

(Many different origins this is one of them) At a chartey invent she fell on a mirror and she saw a face in the mirror same like hers, ,wearing a cheetah costume , saying be cheetah a be bad or else something bad will happen to you
Ultimate Plan:
Destroy Wonder Woman
Real Name:
Alexander Joseph Luthor
Lex Corp
Arch nemesis:
Lex Luthor killed his parents to get the money of their life insurance. He used the money to bring together Lex Corp and he became the 43rd president of US. After Superman visited the city of metropolis the people started looking up to him because he is a more loyal person. From that day on Superman became lex's arch nemesis.

-Genius-level intellect
-Hand-to-hand combat basic
-Lex luthors war suit
-Lex's weakness is described as pride and powerlessness to understand his enemies
Injustice Gang, Secret Society of Super Villains, Injustice League, Justice League, Secret Six, Orange Lantern Corps, Intergang, Sinestro Corps
Ultimate Plan:
Lex's ultimate plan is to destroy Superman and take over the city of metropolis with the help of Lex Corp
I think that the Injustice League is effective team because the team goal is to dominate the world. This makes it an effective team because as a team they all work together to reach to that goal. Also the villains of the team split up to smaller groups to reach there goal. For example the Injustice League split up to track down the Justice League. After the Injustice League tracked down the Justice League and they would take down the Justice League. Then when the Justice League is down they can take over the world. Therefore the Injustice League is an effective team.
I think that the Injustice league is an effective team because they have money because of Lex Luthor and when you have money you can do almost every thing, and when your super villain you can buy all the new gadgets or send a spy to find out to find the superhero's weaknesses.The injustice league is a effective team because they have different types of people with different types of power that can take down different superheros also because they have a lot of people ,they can attack at different places that will cause more and more chaos.These are the reasons why I think the injustice is an effective team.
Injustice League
team is effective because all the individuals work together to complete a particular task. It is also effective because many people in their group can accomplish their goals. Altogether they are knowledgeable. The team is successful because they have different powers that are different then others such as, speed, strength, intelligence, and Hand to Hand combat & advanced Superhuman abilities. They even can use their intelligence to find a way to kill superheros by uncovering their weakness and get more assistance to finish off. The more individuals in a team, the less causes of Chaos and Massive Destruction.

I think the team is effective because there are a lot of people in the team so if the superhero defeats one there are still all lot more to defeat them. The team is also effective because there are so many people which equals more intelligence and more brains. There is also allot of people so they all have different powers so they all are unique in different ways.
Saanya's response
Karen's response
Pavanpreet's response
Maha's response

I think that the injustice league's greatest strength is that they have alot of people and the people have different powers that can help them alot.Also money is a big part because it will get all the gadgets and the people.
The biggest down fall for the team is that there are all lot of people in the team so that means all lot of fighting. Also another down fall is that they all have the same goal ( to take over the world) but they probably don't want the whole team to take over the world there should be only one. The biggest down fall is also that they have a lot of villains.
I think that the teams biggest downfall is when they captured the justice league Firestorm freed them. The members of the injustice league could have fighted back but they missed the chance to dominate the world. The team missed there chance because later the decided to attack Black Canary's and Green Arrow's wedding. They couldn't trap them because Black Canary and Green Arrow were already protected by the other super heroes. That is one of the biggest downfall the injustice league made.
l think their biggest down fall is that sometimes when there are a lot of villains and they don't agree on something they tend to fight or break up. Also they might get distracted on other things like if they have the chance to finally rule the world and yet they don't do it because there is something else they want to do instead of that thing. Also is that sometimes they are off fighting their own battle and that means that there is no one to watch their backs while maybe a super hero could be sneaking up on them from behind unless someone is already done fighting and there is only one superhero left to fight.
Injustice League's positive and negative traits/skills
Positive Traits/Skills:
-Lex Luthor's money
-Effective plans
-A lot of people
-Different powers
-Different gadgets
-They can fight in big
- They will start making friends in the injustice league group.
-A big group will have
a lot of ideas
-A lot of brains
-Get things done faster
-Protect each other

Negative Traits/Skills:
-Not careful of who's nearby
- Not sure what the plan is
-fight within the group
-They will start making enemies in the injustice league group
-Use Lex's money for own uses.
-Lie to there teammates
- Try to kill each other if one is better then other(Jealous)
-start hating each other
-Use each others for own use.
- Use each others gadgets.
Thanks For Watching!
Why is your supervillian an effitve team member
Maha's response

I think that Deathstroke is an effective team
member because because he was in the army
and his metal powers increased then he become
a assassin, so that means he trained every day.
He kill out 10 people at the same time ,once.
Also he trained with using a gun. So he has mental ,physical and gun power.And these are
the resons that I think that Deathstroke is an effitve team member.
what does sinestro
bring to the team
Sinestro brings teamwork to the team because sinestro helped lex luthor distract the superheros and that allowed joker to prepare the bomb for metropolis. Also he brings loyalty the team because green lantern had tried to make him come back instead he said no. Also he is very powerful because he can do almost anything with a ring uses to transform/make anything out of. That is what sinestro brings to the team!
Lex Luthor helps the team because he's an intelligent villain. Lex makes sneaky plans and strategies to take down the justice league. Lex is also a great team leader. This is because Lex has been the 43rd president of the US before and he guided the people during a massive alien invasion. That is how Lex Luthor helps the team.
Injustice League's

weakness or downfall is when they had lots of apprentices to stop the Justice League. However, sometimes, the leaders disagree because they lose if the Justice League found different paths to overpower themselves or losing one of their people by death in weakness or getting killed by the good individuals.

Injustice League's


strength is that they have lots of people who are highly skilled with strength, knowledge (intellect, intelligence), agility, etc. They can also find specific paths to rule the world by cleansing the population of the earth or superheros living in other planets. It takes teamwork and skills to conquer all. I conclude that these are the reasons why supervillans can win or lose in life.

How Does Lex Luthor Help his Team
What does joker bring to the team?
How joker helps the injustice team is by having all lot of gadgets. He also has a jack in the box gadget where he gets more the 50 gadgets. He also helps the team because he has joker mobile to defeat batman. He also helps the injustice league because he is really strong because he killed all lot of people in one time.
How cheetah helps the team is by looking like a cheetah and that she can climb really high ones in a really short amount of time. How she also helps the injustice league is by growing in size and being really scary so people can be scared of her. She also defeated wonder women all lot of times

How Does Black Spider Help to his team?
Syed's response
Black Spider helps the team because he uses special gadgets and uses stealth to not attract any attention from Justice League's guardians so nothing goes wrong with Black Spider's team.
He helps his team with his commands and takes it sneaky to avoid detecting equipments invented by the Justice League. He also calls all of the Injustice League's members if he is in danger by being seen by different guards and equipments.
if the members of Justice League's members escape. they seek an easier way to stop them.

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