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Three things that I want to do before I leave Clemson...

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Mindy Blackmon

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Three things that I want to do before I leave Clemson...

Three things that I want to do before... ...I leave Clemson Go Up Into the Tillman Bell Tower: The Tillman Bell Tower is a central part of campus. It can be seen from many locations when on the campus. Music plays from the bells daily. I absolutely love walking around campus near Christmas time because you can hear Carols from the bells. Since this is such a central part of campus, I would love to be able to say that I went up there one time!

Sneak into Death Valley at Night: Okay, so this is illegal. However, it is a must do before you leave Clemson. There is just something about sneaking into the place where the tigers play to have a little game of your own. Therefore, I feel that this is a pretty big must to do before you graduate. Firts, I got to find some people that are brave enough to go with me! Spend all night at Cooper Library: This may sound completely weird feel that you have not had a full college experience until you have an all-nighter in the library. I think that the library is quite nice actually. Sometimes I enjoy going there. Therefore, this is something I would like to do before leaving Clemson.
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