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Peabody Development Motor Scales II (PDMS-2)

No description

Shani Brown

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Peabody Development Motor Scales II (PDMS-2)

Peabody Development Motor Scales II
Easy to Administer & Score
• Step-by-step administration guide
• Everything in an easy to carry box
• Scoring is easy either: 0,1 or 2
• Provides information for the examiner on how to test children with sensory and perceptual deficits
• Also available PC, Mac & IPad compatible online scoring and report system
Evidence Based
Reliability & validity determined empirically.
The normative sample 2,003 people in the USA.
Flexibility of Use
* Assessment Tool
* Training Tool
• identify delays or disorders in development
• be used to plan intervention activities &
• monitor a child’s progress
Common Language
Can be used by:
* Occupational Therapists
* Physical therapists
* Diagnosticians
* Early intervention specialists
* Teachers
* Psychologists & others
Convenient Kit
• Examiner's Manual
• Guide to Item Administration
• 25 Profile/Summary Forms, 25 Record Booklets
• Peabody Motor Activities Program Manual
• Black & White Peabody Motor Development Chart
• Manipulatives
Available from range of suppliers - approx. cost $900
Meaningful Data
The PDMS-2 provides extensive data on:
• raw scores
• percentiles
• age equivalents
• standard scores for subtests and composites
• Profile for gross estimate of the child's strengths and weaknesses.
Can be used as an indepth assessment & remediation of gross & fine motor skills:

The assessment is composed of
six subtests:

Object Manipulation
Visual-Motor Integration

It is designed to assess the motor skills of children from
birth - 5 yrs of age

Takes approx.
60 minutes
to administer
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