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Feasibility Study on: Notebook Manufacturing Factory

No description

s Al-kamyani

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Feasibility Study on: Notebook Manufacturing Factory

The Machine
Fully Automatic Exercise Machine (Nova RB104TM)
From Line O Matic.

Production Process
Section 2: Marketing
Purpose of the study

Section 1: Products
Section2: Marketing Analysis
Section 3: Operational Analysis
Section 4: Management and Organization
Section 5: Financial Analysis

Feasibility Study on: Notebook Manufacturing Factory
Section 1: The Product
Omani notebooks
(unique feature, high quality papers, affordable price)

Omani style’s covers:
Natural view from Oman, pictures related to Omani tradition, Arabic phrases.

Cardboard, fabric and Leather

Types of Product
School Notebooks:
With spiral and without
60, 80, 100 &120
high quality, with and without line
Islamic prayers or supplication for studying, multiplication table, periodic table or Oman map

University Notebook:
Only with spiral
calendar and timetable

1- Research Finding

Aza Al-Kaabi
Khadija Al-Zadjali
Nawal Al-Mahrouqi
Ruqaya Al-Abri
Safa Al-Kamyani

2- Target Market
3- Market Trend
4- SWOT Analysis
5- Marketing Strategies
1- Positioning

(AL Suwayq, Al Buraymi, Al Batinah, Al Dakhiliyah)
2- Promotion
(catalog, direct e-mail, Website & social media)
3- Retaining Customers
Current Plan (Questionnaires and Surveys, Regular Reviews, Social Media )
Future Plan ( bonus, discount )
4- Complaints handling
(CARP, Questionnaire, Resolving)

Section 3: Operational Analysis

3- Raw Materials:
Fork lift truck
Coated paper
Spiral Mattel
Binding glue
Covers for notebook
Packing paper
Furniture &Fixtures & Equipments.

4- Insurance:
Health insurance
Accident, sickness, and unemployment insurance
Life insurance
Property insurance
Marine insurance

5- Legal Environment:
6- Inventory &

16,501,680 Notebooks → first year.
Section 5: Management
and Organization
1- Management and Organization

2- Employees:
The salary of the employees will increase by 3% each year
the number of technicians and unskilled workers will increase to 4 and 7 respectively.

Section 6: Financial Analysis :
Capital , Pre-Opening Costs And The change in Working Capital

Total Investment:

Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Key financial indicators

Key Ratios

Sensitivity 1: changing the cost and sales of the total production
Sensitivity 2: changing working days

2- Distribution & Future
Annual Production
Sensitivity 3: Changing production per minute
Sensitivity 4 : Changing debt to equity ratio
Sensitivity 5 :Changing the cost of borrowing
Amortiation loan method
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