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1920's entertainment

No description

Charlotte Rushton

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of 1920's entertainment

Entertainment in
the 1920's Gina and Charlotte Dancing Radio Craze Flappers Flapper stlye Against the rules Dirty Dancing Women in the 1920's were looked down on for smoking and drinking, this was seen as entertainment for the flappers. They began to smoke, drink and do drugs. Going out alone to dances and jazz nights was a fun and normal night for a flapper. Smoking became more acceptable. Flappers would dance with anyone, anywhere. This is wear the charleston dance came from. They would move to any kinds of music whilst they drunk and went out alone. People thought it was unacceptable for women to dance with random men but the flappers went against people thought. 1920's SPORT Sport gained popularity in the 1920's. Schools teams were formed for students, several sports such as golf that had been un availible for a while because open in the 1920's. The olympics first took place in the 1920's. In 1924 the first winter olympic games were held. Electricity Having a radio also indicated that people across America had electricity. During the 1920's a lot of people in across the country had new access to electricity. This shows that consumerism gave families extra money and luxuries. Radio appearance Compared to today's radio appearance, back in 1920 they looked very different. A lot of them were made from wood and had large speakers. The overall size of the radio was also considerably bigger in 1920's. Radio craze The first radio broadcast was on November 2nd 1920. The public were overcome by a radio craze after the initial broadcast. Radio became a product of the mass market. Manufacturers were overwhelmed by the demand for receivers because it was such a new technology. -Jazz Jazz was a very popular dance in the 1920's. The 1920's was even called the 'jazz age' because everyone loved the dance. Its also known as the turning point of music. During the Roaring Twenties young Americans danced to more outrageous slang, jazzier music and dance, shorter and flimsier dresses and shorter hair. -The charleston The dance that respresents the 1920's is the Charleston. The Charleston was introduced to the public in 1923 by the all black cast Afro-American Broadway musical "Running Wild", and became so popular that even today, it is still a symbol for the 1920s Jazz Age. -1920's entertainment More dance -1920's entertainment -1920's entertainment Flappers in the 1920's were known as the rebels. This was because they wore short skirts and droppes waistlines. They went agaisnt most rules and even cut there hair short and wore make up. They went out without chaperones which was seen as rebelous in the 1920's.
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