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6 Months!

I love you! Nathan!

Ruby Su

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of 6 Months!

And a Hangzhou Boy...
Met in Blade&Soul...
Biology Classroom
Oak Bay High
Places we have been together!!
I love you babe!!!
Happy 6 months!!
Mr. Frutiger
I wanna be your Mrs. Frutiger!!
Our memories!
In the past 6 months, we had lots of laughs :D and lots of tears :'( ..... The most important thing is we didn't give up!! At the end of the day, we still love each other!!
We are gonna have a dog together!!
Not too sure which kind yet...
May be a Lab, a Golden..
or a Huskey..
Or it can be a mix!!
We will take care of their puppies together!
And one day, maybe we can go to a zoo or something..
Cuz I wanna see a real Marty........ :P
Baby, you always tell me you love your own little(???) drum... It means a lot to me!!
You are always with me when I dance, and even danced with me!!
After 6 months of dating, we know each other better and love each other more!!
Sometimes, you'd say I eat like a four-year-old, and wipe my face for me after I'm done...
LOVE IT when you do that...
And I just wanna tell you...
I can cry in front of you like a baby,
or laugh like an idiot..
I can eat like a pig, and stuff as many food in my mouth as I want in front of you...
And I can be super lazy and wait for you to wake me up and put my cloth on for me!
I can be myself when I am with you, and I don't need to care about how others feel about me, cuz all I care about is what you think! I love you baby! Thank you for being with me when I need you!!
Sometimes we might not see each other for a long time..... and it does NOT feel good at all... I miss you like crazy.. Even when I'm talking with my friends, I'm talking about you..
When you kiss me, I feel like it's the best feeling in the world!! Love kissing you and making out with you!!
Our first Date!
You changed my life!!
in Florida.....
One month...
Two months...
I don't think we did
anything for that...
Three months!
Lunch and Hockey!!
Four months!!
Gifts from my cute BF!
Love you!
Five months!!!
Dinner at the new Mcdonald's: Romeo's
We're both broke...
To be continued......
without you...
Miss you...
New years!!
Said Happy new year to your parents
and xin nian kuai le to mine!
Valentine's Day!!
My fave day!!!
Love the gifts!
Thanks babe!!
A Beijing Girl.....
And one day, we will get married...
Have Nick and Brooke...
BUT before that, we need to do a lot of things together!!
1. Skiing in Switzerland!
2. Go to Europe!!
3. Visit the city that we were born in, Morges and haerbin!
I wanna decide our plan together!!
Wanna do a lot of things with you!
I love you my future husbie!!
You are the someone that I've been waiting for!
After all, I just wanna tell you....
I know I say it everyday... and you might be tired of it... But I still wanna tell you... NATHAN FRUTIGER! I LOVE YOU!! Happy six months baby!
Ruby Su
I love you.. and I'll always love you..
no matter what!!
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