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one direction

No description

haley styles

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of one direction

the x factor
Louis Tomlionson
Louis was born December 24, 1991 in Doncaster England. He was a really loud kid.He loved the Power Rangers. When he was four he moved to poole but they moved back to Doncaster when his sister was born.He never did anything creative in Elementary school but he was confidante.He has 4 sisters.He moved schools in Middle school.He didn't get into singing in till his friends asked him to join a band. After that he started acting.He even went to acting school.
Harry Styles
Zayn was born on January 12,1993 in bradford.He has 3 sisters.he was really hyper but now he is shy.he's a mixed heritage.his grandad is Pakistani and his grandma is English.Zayn loves his hair. He has since he was 12.He did a lot of plays as a kid.He joined choir and that is were he meet his best friend.
Niall Horan
Niall was born September 19,1993 in Mullingar.He has a older brother.His parents split up when he was 5.He moved with his dad since his dad lived in a town. He's always been short for his age.He would sang Christmas carols for school Nialls been playing the guitar since he was 12.He went to a lot of talent shows.He would get kicked out of class for singing traditional Irish songs during class.
the band
niall horan
one direction
harry styles
liam payne
zayn malik
louis tomlionson
Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis all additioned for the x-factor as solo artist. They didn't make it as solo artist and that's when Simon Cowell put them together as a band. After One direction first performed they gained a lot of fans. Soon one direction reached high fame all around the world. One direction made 3rd place.
He was born on February 1,1994 in Homes Chapel.He has a older sister.He went to a daycare called Happy Days.He got on really well with the staff. Harry met his best friend in Elementary school.In his first play he was Buzz Lightyear.He also did a play called Barney its about a mouse.He liked math and English.He played a lot of soccer.Harry was and still is a very flirty person. he is really calm. When his parents got divorced he moved to Chesire. They moved back when he was 12.

Zayn Malik
Liam Payne
there albums
this is us
the fandom
other big things that happened
our moment
our moment is the most selling perfume in 2013
one direction has two books where we are and dare to dream
one direction has 3 series of dolls
wax figures
they have wax figures of them at Madame Tussauds
one direction is the youngest people to perform at the Olympics
1D has there own store
1D world
1D + OD
Liam was born 8-29-1993 in Wolver Hampton but he was born effectively dead.He kept being ill from age o-4.He was always at a hospitale getting test down.They finally found out what was wrong.He only had one working kidney.He had to get 32 injections in his arms.He loved to run and play basketball. He started getting bullied when he was 12.He started to take boxing classes to defend himself.He was still getting bullied.He has two older sisters.Liam joined choir at year nine.He liked science.He signed up for the x-factor when he was 14 but he didn't make it.
One direction has 3 albums.they became the first band in 60 years to have their first 3 albums debut at no. 1 in the U.S."what makes you beautiful" sold over 4 million copies just in America.Up All Night was Uk's fastest-selling debut album of 2011.It topped the charts in 16 countries.Its the first album by a boy band to sell 500,000 digital copies in the U.S."live while were young" reached top ten in almost every country.Take Me Home sold 540'00 copies in its first week in America.It deputed at the top of billboard 200 and topped the charts in 34 other countries.Up All Night and Take Me Home were the 3rd and 4rth best selling album of 2012 globally.They are the first group in history to debut at no. 1 on the billboard 200 with its first 3 albums.
charity work
one direction is the 2nd most charitable celebrities on the charts.They went to Gahna to film a video for comic relif.louis dose a lot of stuff for charity.They do a lot of concerts for sick children.They raised 3,140,800 dollars just for comic relif.
we are the most meanest funniest and protective fandom.we give a lot of hate to people or we defined 1D.we make edits.we start a lot of twitter wars.we have a strange obsession with Paul.we write fanfics for example aood.we made our own dance moves.we sued channel 4 in the UK.we leak a lot of songs.the things we do to meat them. we broke vevo.we think Larry is real.we hade a neuroscientisst explain why were not crazy we have no life.a fan killed there dog just because one direction didn't follow her on twitter.we have are own languge.we are better than the FBI.
One direction has a total of 54 songs.there top songs include:
."what makes you beautiful"
."one thing"
."live while were young"
."kiss you"
."little things"
."best song ever"
."story of my life"
."midnight memories"
one direction have been on two tours and they have a third tour coming up.there first tour was only in the UK but there second tour was a world tour that sold out in minutes.They have a stadium tour coming up and its all ready sold out.
they have won 121 awards and were nominated for 166.
this is us is one directions movie. it made 60 million dollars. it is currently the fourth highest grossing concert movie. when the movie went on DvD in the UK it sold 270,000 copies in 3 days.
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