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John P Kotter

Short bio on JP Kotter, and his change model.

Philip Hawkins

on 7 November 2011

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Transcript of John P Kotter

John P. Kotter Recently retired from Harvard Business School Leadership and Change Guru Telling stories 1 establishing a sense of urgency 2 creating a guiding coalition 3 developing a vision and strategy 4 communicating the change vision 5 empowering others for broad-based action 6 planning for & generating short-term wins 7 consolidating gains & producing more change 8 anchoring new approaches in the culture 8 steps to transforming your organization: on leadership and
leading Change Tenured at Harvard Business School in 1980 at age 33 Organia See...feel...change Battle Complacency be bold!! never underestimate the status quo and watch out for egos and snakes! Find the right people create trust a common goal and makes sense to the creates a sense of Vision confronting Everything is It's all about Teamwork Head hits the Heart It's all about Direction look like?! ...but what does it It's our Values Vision! to the boardroom to the budget meeting from the 19th hole the watercooler Don't be afraid to put it in the ring purpose Why people resist change: parochial self-interest low tolerance for change misunderstanding and lack of trust different assesments Resistors it's all about Broad-based Action and removing Obstacles leadership is the driving force of change leadership is NOT management becoming a leader be a
Lifetime Learner taking risks
humble self-reflection
solicitation of opinions
careful listening
openness to new ideas A competitive drive
spurs one to management is....management "...about coping with complexity." It's... Planning and budgeting Controling and problem-solving Organizing and Staffing "Leadership is about coping with change." It's... setting a direction aligning people motivating and inspiring Leadership creates organizations through Entrepreneurship Leadership adapts an organization to a changing environment The success of bureaucracy
stifles the want for leadership The use of coercion limits the potential of transformative leadership Creating a culture of leadership Create challenging opportunities with Decentralization Executives can identify and stretch young people with leadership potential Develop a power-base
in your early career with lots of information
cooperative relationships
personal skills
track record
progressively more important jobs Don't be seduced by... ...but follow your interests, values, skills and strengths Uderstand that lower-level jobs demand leadership with Honest Dialogue do NOT hope to get Lucky it's all about Credibility and Momentum make it happen Prove it! Own it! Take it on! this is Where it Happens where Change so meets Change Keep movin' it's not time to dance yet (not 1) heard about it... wanted it... saw it working... made it happen... ...it's a keeper! started doin' it... Now What? that &
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