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Jack the ripper

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of Jack the ripper

Did Mary Jane Kelly Die That Night?
Who is he?
According to DNA, Jack the Ripper is a jewish guy named Aaron Kosminski. He moved to London in the late 1880's.
was he real or a myth?
Jack the Ripper is real. His first recorded killing was of Mary Ann Nichols, whos body was found at 3:40 AM on Friday the 31 of August 1888.
who did he kill?
Did any pictures of him exist?
Is the Diary of Jack the ripper real?
Jack the ripper's diary is real. But he didn't write it? So who did? Everyone thinks James Maybrick wrote but signed it as Jack the ripper.
There are pictures of Jack the Ripper. But no one will ever know who really was the killer. They thought that James Mayrick killed (the one who wrote the diary) they also thought that a surgeon John Williams who was from he royal family murdered.
Did he write taunting letters?
Jack the riper did write taunting letters to the police. But he wrote them to scare the police but shortly after Catherine Eddowes died September 30th.
Jack the ripper
By:Sean Badillo and Sofia Morales
He killed at least 5 prostitute women. Their names were Mary Ann Nichols who was killed on Aug. 31 1888,then there was Annie Chapman who was killed Sep 8 1888, then he killed Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes on Sep. 30 1888, and the last woman who he killed was Mary Jane Kelly who died Nov. 9 1888.
Mary Jane Kelly was mutilated on November 9 1888, and she actually did die that night.
Our viewpoints is that James Maybrick was killer. Or maybe he was working with Jack the ripper.But why would he be writing in the diary?
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