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Our Civics Mirror Experience

No description

Chantal Alexa

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Our Civics Mirror Experience

Final Culminating Activity By: Alea & Chantal Our Journey to... Things That Were Most Important To Me:
Having no one die
Provide food for my family every time
Get education regularly
Always have health, insurance, and security The problems I faced in the civic mirror game was:
finding power for my house
getting an education for my family members Problems Similarities:
Going through the same issue
Lack of food results in death
Power provides heat, shelter, and assurance Problem:
Having Access To Education, Food, and Power in third world countries. Differences:
Real life situations
Poverty is the main reason
Thousands, even millions die from this issue
Government selfishness What are the differences? Free The Children is a fundraiser organization the helps children and families in third world countries, where there is little access to food, education, and power. Free the Children 1. My Simulated Experience The Civic Mirror Game I was unsuccessful in achieving my goals due to:
Lack of powering hexes
People refusing to trade
Fatal emergency My Civic Experience TheValues I had when coming into the civic mirror was:
Keeping Family alive
Bring in income by getting a job
Participate in community jobs
The coming out of the civic mirror game I accomplished most of the Values I set out for. Connection to Reality What I Learned from the civic mirror game was:
Aware what it takes to be an active citizen.
How the Government work with imputing community decisions.
The importance of town hall meeting and house of commons
What happens in the court house involving the jury member and court representatives In affecting the nations as a whole this problem could decrease your well being point immensely and affect the length of your family members life. Organization Lessons Learned My opinion on what would make better communitiy is helping each other out when faced with community issues, help find jobs for others in community, and basically being an active citizen to better your community. Insight I learned the problems I faced was experienced by others in the civic mirror game and was fixed when brought up in town hall meetings. Participation in this simulation has helped me learn:
How a law is passed
How punishments are determined for criminals
Government related activities
How voting works This will help me when I need:
To vote
Defend my rights and Freedoms This has changed my out look on how much the Government does. Problems that occurred for me:
Getting education for my family
Staying in a stable home
Getting food for family Some insights:
Many people had similar problems
Playing this game isn't easy if people won't trade
When prices are high, it's difficult for everyone This issue is still currently occurring and has not been resolved. Most people who suffer this is really due to the government of their country, or simply out of bad luck. The main goals of this organization is:
To help families get education, so they can make a life for themselves.
Feed families who are unable or poor
Provide wells/clean water It operates in place like:
Rural China
Sierra Leone The Impact of FTC:
Have built 650+ schools have been built
16,000,000 medical supplies have been provided
30,000 women are economically stable
1,000,000+ people provided with clean water I believe this Charity is very successful because they are very inspiring to the next generation. Places that still need help are other countries or continents like:
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Other parts of China
Thailand Some programs they run to help countries are:
Vow of Silence
Halloween for Hunger
Adopt a Village
We Day Apply in the future:
Help me when it comes to being picked as a jury member.
What things to look for when choosing your government.
what it takes to show community participation. Lessons Learned: What could be approved upon making nations a better place to live: solutions to poverty
protecting the environment
law enforcement
equal treatment
supply, demand and price
money power and politics Most important thing:
When people are absent it can cause many problems.
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