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Getting mental health onto the global agenda_Mary De SIlva_14 May 2015

No description

Mary De Silva

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of Getting mental health onto the global agenda_Mary De SIlva_14 May 2015

Getting mental health onto the global agenda: reflections on a work in progress
Mary De Silva
Centre for Global Mental Health

World Bank &
WHO meeting
District level mental health care plans implemented in 3 sub-district hospitals
Establishment of State Level Steering Committee for Mental Health Programme
Design and implementation of Mental Health Action Plan for Mandrah Pradesh (27 million)
Conducting mental health training in 51 District Hospitals
Nov 2011
Global Mental Health series #1
World Mental Health Report
Global Mental Health series #2
Dec 2013
Aug 2013
information systems, evidence and research
for mental health.
Key objectives by 2020
Strengthen effective
leadership and governance
for mental health.
Provide comprehensive, integrated and responsive
mental health and social care s
ervices in community-based settings.
Implement strategies for
promotion and prevention
in mental health.
Use technology to improve access to mental health care
Policy actions
Empower people with mental health problems and their families
Build a diverse mental health workforce
Develop a collaborative and multidisciplinary team-based approach to mental health care
Identify and treat mental health problems early
Reduce premature mortality in people with mental health problems
Nov 2014
Feb 2015
April 2016
July 2014
June 2014
July 2011
Innovation database

Do more
Going forward
Expand the network reach and membership to create a global knowledge exchange and advocacy movement
Provide a bank of what works in global mental health which can be drawn on by practitioners and policy makers
Build the capacity of researchers and practitioners to influence policy
892 members
96 organisations
= no single policy ask
- by public, service providers and policy makers
- on size of problem and potential solutions
= hidden problem
= no magic bullet
= no pressure to change
= public sector absolved
= lack of SU involvement
= no international incentive
The case
The Problem
The solutions
Researchers practitioners
Civil society
Need overarching effort to
build partnerships
increase momentum
increase impact

= no effective networks
Facilitate the development and scale up of effective innovations to improve mental health
Thank you
Lucy Lee, Shamaila Usmani, Marguerite Regan, Grace Ryan, Georgia Lockwood-Estrin, Ricardo Araya, Vikram Patel, Dan Chisholm, Fahmy Bahgat, Shekhar Saxena
@ MHInnovation
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