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Thesis presentation

Anih Bhad

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Dissertation

DISSERTATION REFERENCES RESEARCH THEORY METHOD OTHER FACTORS SPECULATION ABOUT FINDINGS Weber, Current and Benton (1991) HINA HUSSAIN BHADELIA Problem and Problem Owner Weber C A and Current, J R. (1993). A multiobjective approach to vendor selection. European Journal of Operational Research. 68 (2), 173-184. Problem Owner Contractor Cultural Factors Social Values: Politeness or Religious beliefs
Rent Seeking Behavior / Favors
Relationship: Friends and Family
Familiarity: Similar Background, Language, etc - Provided a comprehensive view of the criteria that are important in the supplier selection decision. - Reviewed the supplier selection literature after Dickson’s work Their research revealed that all criteria used in the literature between 1966 and 1991 could also be related to Dickson’s list of criteria. Dickson (1966) Questions? Interviews:

4 -5 Firms

3 - 4 Interviews Controversies Cultural factors play a distinctive role in supplier selection by Supplier Selection in Pakistan: a Realistic Perspective TITLE PAKISTAN Dickson, G W. (1966). An analysis of vendor selection systems and decisions. Journal of Purchasing. 2 (1), 5. Choi, T Y, Hartley, J L. (1996). An exploration of supplier selection practices across the supply chain. Journal of Operations Management. 14 (4), 333-343. Motwani, J, Youssef, M, Kathawala, Y and Futch, E. (1999). Supplier selection in developing countries: a model development. Integrated Manufacturing Systems. 10 (3), 154 - 162. Ng, W L. (2008). An efficient and simple model for multiple criteria supplier selection problem. European Journal of Operational Research. 186, 1059-1067. de Boer, L, Labro, E and Morlacchi, P. (2001). A review of methods supporting supplier selection. European Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management. 7 (2), 75-89. Calvi, R, Le Dain, M, Fendt, T C and Herrmann, C J. (2010) Supplier selection for strategic supplier development. Tektas, A and Aytekin, A. (2011). Supplier Selection in the International Environment: A Comparative Case of A Turkish and an Australian Company. Available: http://www.ibimapublishing.com/journals/IBIMABR/2011/598845/598845.html. Last accessed 13th Feb 2013. Cheragi, S H, Dadashzadeh, M & Subramanian, M. (2004). Critical Success Factors For Supplier Selection: An Update. Journal of Applied Business Research. 20 (2), 91-108. Min, H. (1993). International supplier selection: A multi-attribute utility approach. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. 24 (5), 24-33. List of 23 selection criteria, ranked by importance Problem Determine behaviors and cultural factors that affect supplier selection in Pakistan Price
Technological capability
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