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MOD Composting

How we can implement compost at MOD

Nathan Yagi-Stanton

on 6 August 2010

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Transcript of MOD Composting

ding dongs
plastic gloves
plastic wrap
cups food waste
dough bags
paper towels milk cartons
clamshells order slips
receipt paper
prep sheets
other paper
food waste
dropped- toppings glass beverage bottles plastic containers cardboard boxes aluminum cans MOD currently produces a lot of trash.
Presently, MOD uses a wide range of
products that meet Cedar Grove's compost
requirements and a lot of its waste can be diverted from the landfill and recycled into compost that ends up in gardens all over the region.

We are talking a lot of trash! Some of it we simply can't
compost and it must be
thrown away. Some of it can be swapped out
for material that is acceptable
for compost. The rest is already
compostable. Economics Compost recycling is generally half the cost of trash
haul on a per ton basis. The more we can compost
and recycle, the cheaper it costs to run the business. Compost and recycling at Mod pizza implementation @Bellevue The Line Retain existing trash bins and use as compost.

Use small trash bins for
glove and plastic wrap
Back of House What we recycle Add an additional trash can, making one for trash and the other for compostables.

Recyclables should be taken out as they are used when doing prep. The Dining Room Convert existing trash bins as

Add smaller bins for trash and recycling.

When emptying containers, employees will double check before dumping. What does it all mean? MOD becomes the industry leader in recycling and composting nearly 100% of the waste it produces. Not only does this save the company some money, but it makes the company a better corporate citizen and environmentally-conscious.
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