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Does Mint Actrauly cool things down?

No description

McKenzie Harris

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Does Mint Actrauly cool things down?

Under the surface
Does Mint actually cool things down?
Stating The Problem
does mints cool hot water down
Gather Information
I hypothesis that the hot water would cool down and the temperature would be warm.
From A Hypothesis
I would get the ments and the hot water put the hot water on a table while the ments are under it i would give it 1 min. and get a thermometer see what the temperature.
created by:McKenzie Harris
6th grade
Scientific Method
Test The Hypothesis
Analyze Data
Draw Conclusion
My problem was when i was trying to
use ments to cool hot water down
with ments like mentos
The ments will cool the
water down and the tempture would be cool or warm .
i have a graph that i would use for my trails and see how.
I I'm going to be drawing a graph what im
going to be putting on the graph is how
like what was the temperature, what was the
other temperature for the other trail I'm going
to be doing three trails testing what it the temperature of the water.I'm going to be putting the answers down to my hypothesis.
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