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Global Warming

No description

Julian lopez

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Global Warming

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What is global warming?
Global Warming
Global Warming is climate change. Global warming happens when greenhouse gases let out. Global warming can cause many problems but there are many things we can do to stop it from spreading
around the world.

Greenhouse gases are heat-
trapping gases that are let out into the atmosphere mostly due to the burning of fossil fuels. People are adding different types of gases in the air. Greenhouse gases come from everyday activities such as, driving your car, using your air conditioning. Carbon dioxide is the gas that people manly talk about. People produce carbon dioxide more than other gases.
Factories are releasing carbon dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere
The temperature of the Earth is rising, which leads to climate change. Warm conditions are causing the glaciers to melt. Glaciers all over the world have been melting for the last fifty years. The ocean is getting warmer which makes hurricanes and other tropical storms grow stronger. In addition, when the temperature rises, the moisture evaporates from land and water causes serious droughts.
The sun is shining on the earth making it warmer.
Although global warming can cause many problems there are many things that we can do to stop it. For example, we can use our bikes, buses, skateboards or walk to use less energy. Also watch the amount of water that you use. Reducing, reusing and recycling slows down climate change and less stuff reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses in the air. Plant a tree to slow down climate change. Unplugging electronics and not using air conditioners saves energy. You can buy a car if needed that uses less energy or share rides with others.

IMPACTS: Global warming causes problems in many ways. It affects humans,animals and habitats. Humans are affected due to the fact that there is less rain which means that we get less water which would cause droughts. Global warming also makes it possible for people and animals to get sick and some even die. Some animals even go without a home because of global warming. There is melting snow and ice glaciers which would affect the animals that live in cold areas. For example if the ice melts, the cold area would get warmer and would kill the animals that are adjusted to the cold.
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