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carnival 2010

ideas and developement

Richard Ali

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of carnival 2010

Costumes King Queen other players daytime show Evening Show Art Product
Dance Science Percussion band Communication team meetings student reps SLT Materials Community other year groups parents student reps Creativity Dance
Funds Teamwork
Real life experience
Exemplary Behaviour
Work under your own steam
Committee Meetings Rewards and Sanctions Curriculum Time
After school and lunchtimes
Ace days
International day
At home
English Science Carnival is not about the day
it is about the journey we take
to get there!
students teachers external organisations Who will you be letting down
Your mates
Your teachers
Your parents
The school
And most of all....
Yourself Like the outside world there will be rewards in the form of prizes but you will come to realise as students have every year that the greatest reward was the taking part and having memories they will treasure for the rest of their lives. And like the outside world there will be sanctions. These will range from the student/s not being allowed to be part of the event. (Three strikes and you’re OUT!) or an entire circus group being withdrawn to the Carnival events being cancelled.
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