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life is a moutain

No description

jordan mcgonigle

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of life is a moutain

Life Is a Mountain and you have to keep climbing
The Journey Of Jordan Mcgonigle
First Stop, Scooting on Up, My Arrival
I was born on December 19th 2000 at Crozer Chester Hospital. It was 1:35 P.M., I weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces and I was 21.5 inches long. My parents decided to name me Jordan Olivia McGonigle. They named me Jordan because they liked it, and Olivia because that was the second choice for my name. My name means to flow because the Jordan river flows through the Jordan Riff Valley and into the Dead Sea. I gained the status of recognition because I was born into the world, and I am being recognized.

Off To The Future
Second Stop, Helping Me Up, The Birth Of My Little Brother
Fifth Stop, a little slip on the rock, Getting a Dog
When I was in third grade all my family and I wanted was a little puppy. So my mom found a good breeder. We drove an hour to the breeders home and we got an English Bulldog. We named him Tyson, and that night we went home and played with him all night. Tyson was so cute but he was so fat and ate everything, from food to shoes. But sadly 3 years later Tyson passed away he ate a baby pacifier from my cousin and it did something to his stomach and he went in to septic sock and passed away. Through this process I feel I gained maturity because I had to take care of him and I stayed strong when he passed away.
Third Stop, making my way to the top, Peewee Soccer
In 2006 I was in kindergarten and started playing peewee soccer. It was a lot of fun plus my dad coached every year. When I played soccer I learned to get alone with others and make new friends. There was this one girl I made friends with and she was my best friend on the team. She also was in my class in first grade and still is today. This was a good learning experience for me and I think I gained respect because I was respectful and nice to all the girl weather I liked them or I didn't.
Fourth Stop, Moving on Up, First Communion
In first grade I was in CCD class and we had to make our first communion. At first communion we take in the body and blood of Jesus Christ. This is the bread and wine you receive at church if you are Catholic. For communion all my family came, my grandparents, my mom, my dad, and my brothers. This day made me feel older because I don't have to sit in the pew anymore I can go and receive the bread. At this time I feel gained I maturity because I am now old enough to receive communion.
In 2003 on January 24th at Crozer Chester Hospital my little brother named Austin Matthew McGonigle was born. At the time I was 2 years old and I couldn't wait too see if my mom was having a boy or a girl. All I wanted was a sister, and that didn't happen but, I am very glad he turned at to be who he is now. When Austin was born I feel gained of maturity because as a little girl I took care of my brother and still do now.
Sixth Stop, Almost At The Top, Going To
The Bahamas
I have finally Reached The Top
Seventh Stop, Making My Way Down, Going To College
I Have Made It Over The Mountain Successfully !!!
When I was in 5th grade my mom and dad took me and my brothers to the Bahamas for spring break. We went for 5 days and we stayed in the hotel called Riu. They had a pool and the hotel was right on the beach. One day we went to Atlantas and they have a water park and it is huge and has lots of rides. When I went to the Bahamas I feel I gained respect because I was respectful for the other countries and the people.
Stop Eight, Reaching The Bottom, Buying A House
When I finish high school at Rustin I
I want to go to college. My goal is to be a teacher or a physical therapist. If I decide on being a teacher I would like to go the to West Chester University. If I decide to be a physical therapist I would like to go to a good college that would support me in this job. Through this I feel I would gain status of recognition because I am being noticed into a new area and school.
After I am done at least 4 years of college I would like to buy my own house. I would like to buy either a house or apartment of some kind. When I buy a living space I would like to live in a suburban area with lots of social people an little kids. I think buying a house or apartment will help me gain maturity because I am mature enough to live by myself and pay my own bills.

"Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing" ~Barry Finlay
I feel this quote reflects on my metaphor of life is a mountain and you have to keep climbing because if you just keep climbing you will reach the top. Even if there are some slippery spots on rocks, if you keep going you will see the top which is like a comparison to success. Then you could ease your way down.
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