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david templeton

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Brain

Future Technology
Brain Technology
Dream Control
Researchers at Stanford University believe that they have created a device that allows you to subconsciencely edit your dreams becasue you know that you are dreaming. It is a hard concept to grasp but is known by the experts as "lucid dreaming", a state where your body knows that you are dreaming but you are not fully asleep allowing you to control the outcomes of your dream. This happens because the device pulsates flashing LED's through your eyelids 4 hours into your sleep activating your subconscience.
When Will This Technology Become Available?
Downloading Memories Onto Computers.
When Will This Technology be Available?
It is expected that this kind of technology will become available to scientists as prototypes in about one decade.
This presentation is about technology in the near future relevant to the brain, like: dream control and downloading your memories onto the databases of computers.
The prototype has been created but, like all prototypes, will most probably need finalising.
Downloading your memories onto computers is not yet possible but in the near future could be.A neuroscientist at the University of Southern California quotes:"It’s clearly beyond the capabilities of what we have today, But it’s also true that we are starting to see how we could approach replicating the properties of the brain and replicating the properties of particular brains. In a couple of decades, we will have answers to those questions."
Mind Control Games
Mind Technologies Inc is a games company that develops technology for games allowing them to be controlled with your mind. An example is Call of Duty for the PC which can, with this accessory, can be controlled with the mind.
When Will This Technology Be Available.
This technology should be available now.
Realistically the only technology available now is brain controlled games, but dream control is not far behind. These technologies are not necessary, and some people may think that investing money into the projects is a waste however research into the capabilities of human technologies could bring out something world changing- and for the better.
Oliver Roberts: Brain technology is not a waste of money and is a good idea.

Oliver Pocock: I like the idea fo brain technology and is not a waste of money.
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