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Analyzing Numerical Data: Using Ratios

No description

Rachel Turner

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Analyzing Numerical Data: Using Ratios

Analyzing Numerical Data: Using Ratios
Ratios in the Media

Sheet of paper Length: 11 inches Width: 8.5 inches Aspect Ratio: 11:8.5 | 1.3
Index Card Length: 5 inches Width: 3 inches Aspect Ratio: 5:3 | 1.7
Picture Frame Length: 10 inches Width: 8 inches Aspect Ratio: 10:8 | 1.3
Textbook Length: 11 inches Width: 9.5 inches Aspect Ratio: 11:9.5 | 1.6

7. EXTENSION: Using appropriate measuring devices, determine the aspect ratio of several objects.
A first-class piece of mail (letter or postcard) must have an aspect ratio that falls
between 1.3 and 2.5, inclusive. What are some typical sizes of envelopes and
postcards? Justify your reasoning.
Length: 5 inches Width: 4 inches Aspect Ratio: 1.3
Length: 5.5 inches Width: 3.5 inches Aspect Ratio: 1.6
Length: 12 inches Width: 9 inches Aspect Ratio: 1.3
Length: 6 inches Width: 3.5 Aspect Ratio: 1.7
16:9 and 16:12 (4:3) 9/12= 0.75(100)= 75% of the screen
If the image is stretched in order to fill the height, it will be stretched at the width so the image does not become distorted. Also when the width is increased a part of the picture on the screen will not be shown.
16:9 and 12:9 (4:3) 12/16= 0.75(100)= 75%
The zoom option would cut off part of the top and part of the bottom of the image. The stretch option makes the image wider than normal.
The second one is a golden rectangle because it appears perfect almost like it could be used as a picture frame and golden rectangles are pleasing to the eye.
9:6 and 8:6
9/8= 1.1(100)= 11% of the screen being wasted.
It allows the ratios to be compared more easily.
96.1% of the screen's area is occupied by the image.
Height of image is 8.5 inches. Height of the black bars 3.25 inches. 57% of the screen's area is occupied by the image.
Consumer market has moved having wide screen because people watch most shows, news, and movies in their home over any other place.
Learning about aspect ratios can help consumers decide what size screen they want for their TV. A question that I may ask a sales representative is "if I play a movie, how many megapixels will be displayed on my screen? or what brand of my product is better price wise? What am I actually getting for my money compared to other companies?"
The aspect ratio of the TI graphing calculator screen is 4.7:3.1
W=(4x5)= 20 inches
H= (3x5)= 15 inches
Area= 20x15= 300 sq. inches
m= +or- √(2304/337)
984.5 squared inches
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