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Shifting the diversity climate

No description

Neha Singh Nathawat

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Shifting the diversity climate

Work Systems Model Work System Model Pros: Shifting the Diversity Climate: The Sodexo Solution Reflection How can we apply our hybrid
model to our own cultures? Rule One: Describe your change scene Diverse employees will work together for the benefit of their own growth and the company's growth. Rule Two: To change behavior, design the environment Each country can choose which levers work best within its own culture. Rule Three: Significantly change at least four of the eight levers. The more the better. Flexible
Thorough Cons: Not diversity-specific
Overwhelming United States Recruitment Promotion Retention People Information
Distribution Teamwork Function: Recruitment, Retention & Promotion

Barriers: Differences, Discrimination & systemic barriers

Competencies : Beliefs and Attitudes,
Knowledge & skills BUAD 872 - Spring 2013
April 29, 2013

Instructor: Dr. Rosa M. Colon-Kolacko Work Systems Model Function Level Recruitment : Labor Pool Promotion: Career Path Retention: Corporate Culture ----Organizational Intervention Short
Term Long
Term Diversity Training Model Pros:
Long-term Plan
Specified organizational intervention Cons:
Too Specific
Organization-centered Diversity Training Model Incorporating Diversity in
Organizations: Founded by Pierre Bellon in 1966 in Marseille, France

Food services then to Remote site management

Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Public in 1983 Company History Expansion through organic growth and acquisitions

Marriott International's food service division + Sodexo's North America division = Sodexo Marriot Services (1998)

2005 - Michel Landel - CEO, Bellon - retained role as chairman of the board China Key Figures 21st largest employer in the world

Nearly 400,000 employees working in 34,000 sites in 80 different countries

Generates revenue of more than $20 billion annually - 95 % from On-site service solutions business Recruitment Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion People 201,955
76 million Promotion Monetary
Rewards 50% Retention Decision
Allocation Up-Bottom Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Processes such as training systems, selection systems and a career posting center

Inculcated the business benefits of being a leader in diversity

Some steps:
Diversity Scorecard - Bonuses tied
Structured job postings, selection and performance management
Diversity training and education, work-life effectiveness programs, mentoring, employee network groups, leadership education, awards and recognition, diversity council and external communications A business case for diversity A way for Sodexo to differentiate the company from its competitors

Tied to the growth, margin expansion, and retained business with clients

By 2005, started getting requests to share diversity story and help design similar strategy Going Global Country specific strategy "Spirit of Inclusion " - sensitivity and awareness training

"Train the trainers" component - further localized the effort Focus on Women Metrics focused on gender diversity Moving Forward Systemic in the US

Future priorities - gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities and age

Critical to keep country CEOs engaged - Different levels of engagement in different countries

What's next for Diversity - Go back to Zero and start again Europe Most senior women - reluctant to talk about barriers

More engagement in sessions attended by both men and women

2009 - Sodexo Women's International Forum for Talent (SWIFt)
Raising awareness through training
Work-life balance
Developing women's networks
Mentoring initiatives India Diversity in religions and languages - part of the culture

Women development - more rapidly accepted

Appointment of seasoned and dedicated diversity practitioner

China Traditional difficulty of sustaining interest in internal company networks

2011 - Partnered with Cisco to develop a cross- industry women's networking event focused on
Work-life integration and balance
Retention and engagement of women employees

Plans underway - to work with state owned chinese enterprises and to launch an external women's network in Beijing Hybrid Model Promotion Measurement Monetary
Rewards Decision
Allocation Teamwork Retention Recruitment People Training Workplace
Design Information
Distribution Intrinsic
Rewards Recruitment Employees must be trained to be tolerable of other cultures, religions, ethnicities, and genders. Training People A diverse group of people yields a diverse organization. Workplace
Design Workplace equality is very important. Promotion Measurement It should be objectively based on merit and performance or accomplishments. Monetary
Rewards Information
Distribution It is very important that monetary rewards are fair and just in
a diverse environment. Important to avoid discriminating against who sees what
information Retention Decision
Allocation Teamwork Intrinsic
Rewards Autonomy is really important.
A diverse group of opinions can benefit decision making process. It is important to keep the most competent employees that
work well together, regardless of race, religion, and gender. It is important for employees to feel good about themselves and
the work they do. Conclusion Resistance It is important to learn about a culture
before attempting to implement a change
within it. The company was able to bring more
individuals to diversity meetings by having
employees of all genders, races, and
religions at the meetings. Model Biggest learning to take away from the case was
that no single model can work in every situation. DIVERSITY Company History 2005 - Landel decided to make diversity a global initiative

Need to customize the US model of diversity and to adopt country-by-country strategy
Differences in country laws
Resistance from some country level CEOs 2001 - Class action suit against Sodexo Marriott Services - Charges of discrimination in promotion decisions

Lawsuit settled in several years but immediate steps to remedy the situation

2002 - Landel hired Dr. Rohini Anand as VP of Diversity and Inclusion for Sodexo's North American operations India Jinya Ren
Gregory Miller
Samantha Vitale
Neha Singh Tanwar THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Recruitment Promotion Retention Training Monetary
Rewards Intrinsic
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