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Rangers Apprentice: The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

No description

Isabelle Smith

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Rangers Apprentice: The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

On a mission, Will, Horace and Gilan travel to Celtica. After discovering that all the people from Celtica have vanished, Gilan supects it was Lord Morgarath. Furthermore Gilan leaves, and on their way following the Wargals. They meet a girl named Evanlyn, in addition Will burns down the bridge with Evanlyn's help. Which results in the capture of Will and Evanlyn. What will happen next, and who captured them ?
Ranger's Apprentice: The Burning Bridge Author: John Flanagan By: Isabelle Y
Main Characters
Will: Shorter than most in his age group, Will is a 16 year old orphan who is now. A very skilled ranger apprentice to Halt.
Horace: Horace is a tall 16 year old apprentice warrior, with excellent sword fighting abilities. As well as Will's closest friend.
Evanlyn: Evanlyn is a girl who claims to be a maid to a lady of the Araluen court, but is really princess Cassandra of Araluen. Will and Horace came across her while on their way following the Wargals.
Supporting Characters
Lord Morgarath: Lord Morgarath is an evil renegade baron. Who has blonde white hair and a huge cloak hiding most of his face.
Wargals: Wargals are vicious dog-like creatures, mind controlled by Lord Morgarath.
Gilan: Gilan (Halt's former apprentice) is now a ranger, who leads the mission to Celtica. And helps Will and Horace with sword practice and techniques.
Halt: Halt is a short older man, who is a ranger legendary. As well as Will's mentor.
The Problem
The problem in this book is. Lord Morgarath is about to release his army of Wargals, into the Kingdom of Araluen. In addition he wants to take the throne. As well as give revenge to the rangers that drove away his first army fifteen years ago. And finally when Will burns the bridge Lord Morgarath is very angry.
When Will burns the bridge with Evanlyn's help, it resulted with Will and Evanlyn's capture by a group of Skandians. Meanwhile Lord Morgarath brings his army against King Ducan's. However King Duncan's army is defeated, hence Horace then challenges Lord Morgarath to a single combat. Leading to the death of Lord Morgarath, soon after the combat is over. Halt begins looking for Will and Evanlyn. The group of Skandians escape to Skandia to sell Will and Evanlyn.
Personal review
I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars, because I thought this book was very interesting and shocking in some parts. One of my favorite parts is when. Morgarath discovers Will is a ranger. When he sees a bronze oak leaf (the rangers sign) in his hand. I recommend this book to kids 10-15 years old who like fantasy books because, I think that kids 15+/adults wouldn't find this book very interesting. Also make sure too read Ranger's apprentice : Ruins of Gorlan before this one.
The Settings
There are two settings in this book. The Kingdom of Araluen and the mining lands of Celtica. The Kingdom of Araluen is mostly described as a medieval castle. The mining lands of Celtica is an area filled with mines.
The End thank you for listening to my presentation !
Thank you for listening to my presentation
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