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Junior college planning night

here is some perspective

Rebecca Barton

on 5 May 2012

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Transcript of Junior college planning night

Welcome Parents & Students
Class of 2013 www.connection.naviance.com/sherwoodhigh Web-based resource that supports career, career credit and college planning
Specific to SHS
Linked with Naviance Succeed, a service that we use in the counseling office Log On Naviance Hide details easily College Planning
for the Class of
2013 Summer To Do:
Research Colleges From the SHS Website A world of information awaits you! SHS Website:
www.sherwood.k12.or.us or Overview:
What is Naviance - Family Connection?
How do I access it?
How do you register?
What can I do with it?
How does it help career and college planning? Cookie Break-
Check for:
Registration Code
E-mail Address Get to know Naviance & what can it do:
Search and Compare colleges
Track deadlines
Show schedule of college visits at SHS
Register for college visits
Request Transcripts
Request Letter of Recommendations
Search and Apply for Scholarships
Keep your college applications organized Questions? Good Night & Thank you for Coming Make sure you have your registration code
Make sure we have your correct e-mail Scolarship Search Access your unofficial ACT& SAT Scores
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