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How to Accomplish Genocide!!!

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Andrea Ubaldi

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of How to Accomplish Genocide!!!

How to Accomplish Genocide!!!
This stage is where one group denies the humanity of another group.
This is where you start by separating your targets.
In this stage, they label you as a "Jew" or a "Gypsy."
APRIL 7, 1933 The Nazi government passed the law for restoration of the professional civil service, which excluded Jews and political opponents from university and governmental positions. Similar laws enacted in the following weeks effected Jewish lawyers, judges, doctors, and teachers.
JULY 14, 1933 The Nazi government enacted the law of the Revocation of Naturalization, which deprived foreign and stateless Jews as well as Roma (Gypsies) of German citizenship. The Nazi government enacted the law for the prevention of offspring with hereditary diseases. The ordinance mandated the forced sterilization of certain physically or mentally impaired individuals. The law institutionalized the eugenic concept of "life uderserving of life" and provided the basis for the involuntary sterilization of the disabled, Roma (Gypsies), "social misfits", and blacks residing in Germany.
By: Andrea Ubaldi & Bree Weaver
This is the stage in which the genocide is organized, normally by the state or government.
This stage is when you drive out anyone who opposes you.
In this stage, they prepare for the genocide.
This stage is where the mass killing known as genocide happens.
This is the stage in which they burn all the bodies and get rid of all evidence.
SEPTEMBER 15, 1935 The Nazi government decreed the Reich Citizenship Law for the protection of German blood and honor. These Nuremberg "racial laws" made Jews second-class citizens. They prohibited sexual relations and intermarriage between Jews and "persons of German or related blood. "The Nazi government later applied the laws to Roma (Gypsies) and to Africans residing in Germany.
NOVEMBER 9-10, 1938 In a nationwide effort by the SS called Kristallnacht (night of the broken glass) the Nazis and their collaborators burned synagogues, looted Jewish homes and businesses, and killed at least 91 Jews. The Gestapo, supported by local uniformed police, arrested approximately 30,000 Jewish men and imprisoned them in the Dachau, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, and Mauthausen concentration camps. Several hundred Jewish woman also were imprisoned in local jails.
SEPTEMBER 1, 1939 German troops invaded Poland, marking the beginning of World War ll.
JUNE 2, 1941 Germany and its Axis forces invade the Soviet Union during Operation Barbarossa. German mobile killing squads, called Einstazgruppen, were assigned to identify, concentrate, and kill Jews behind the front lines. By the spring of 1943, the Einstazgruppen had killed more than a million Jews and an undetermined number of partisans, Roma (Gypsies), and officials of the Soviet State and the Soviet Communist party. In 1941-42, some 70,000 to 80,000 Jews fled eastward, evading the first wave of murder, perpetrated by the German invaders.
SEPTEMBER 3, 1941 At the Auschwitz concentration camp, SS functions performed their gassing experiments using Zyklon B. The victims were Soviet prisoners of war and non-Jewish Polish inmates.
AUGUST 2, 1943 Jewish prisoners revolted at the Thebilnka killing center. Although more than 300 prisoners escaped, most were caught and killed by German SS and police units, assisted by army troops. The SS Special Detachment forced suriving prisoners to remove all remaining traces of the camp's existence. After the concentration camp was dismantled in November 1943, the SS Special Detachment shot the remaining prisoners.
To conclude, genocide has eight steps for completion.
Our Sources:
Kilmkait, Jessica. "Syages of Genocide and the Holocaust". Prezi: 1st May 2013. Web. 16 December 2015

We obtained all our photos through Google Images.
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