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Minecraft PIP

No description

Cindy Tan

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Minecraft PIP

What is Minecraft? In 2009, a Swedish guy named Markus Persson, known by fans as "Notch", decided to make an endless sandbox game that is now known as Minecraft. It started off with just a simple grassland world where you could build whatever you want. the history of minecraft Later, other modes, like Survival, and Multiplayer were released, along with "mobs", which are other living things in Minecraft, such as animals and monsters, to make the game more challenging and entertaining. Up to this point, this version of Minecraft was called "Classic". Then, from Classic, came Indev and Infdev, which introduced crafting, infinite terrain, ores, and dungeon generation, four of the more important developments in Minecraft. After the Alpha release, another major update comes in the 2010 Halloween update: The nether, a completely new dimension to explore, full of lava and stone that burns forever, complete with a set of fire-resistant hostile mobs that want to kill you. Finally, the last major update for Minecraft: the End. This is another alternate dimension, which you can only enter through generated strongholds, which are, like dungeons, found underground,. The end is filled with teleporting enderman, an enderdragon boss, and towers with crystals on top of them that heal the enderdragon. Unlike the Nether, you cannot leave the End until you successfully defeat the enderdragon. This is the supposed Minecraft endgame, even though you can still enter the world after beating the enderdragon. Minecraft is a sandbox game in which players have world to build and create in. You harvest natural resources to make tools, armor and other useful items. Players must eat food to restore health, and at night, random monsters come out and try to kill you. You can choose to play multiplayer with friends or Singleplayer on your own. Play on Creative with unlimited resources and no health or hunger bar, or Survival and Hardcore, where you get your own resources to survive and must manage your hunger and health. Otherwise, you can have an infinite world to explore and do whatever you want. A picture of Markus "Notch" Persson MINECRAFT OUT OF
THE BOX! Most Minecraft players don't just stop at making a cool house and settle for that. People have made countless things related Minecraft, but not actually IN Minecraft, to inspire others to create and imagine. Here are some examples: making random yet awesome Minecraft parodies of songs Making a usable, Minecraft-based chessboard, using mobs as the peices. AMAZING MINECRAFT CREATIONS!!! This is what most players love about Minecraft; the ability to create anything you'd like is very tempting to kids with great imagination. Here are the top 5 most amazing ones, in my opinion. PARTY ROCK ANTHEM REMAKE USING NOTEBLOCKS AND MINECRAFT SOUND EFFECTS 4 5 3D model of a popular anime character A beautiful detailed castle created on Survival A Minecraft replica of Mario Galaxy purple coins challenge A functional scientific and graphing calculator, in Minecraft! Using advanced Minecraft power wiring and something about binary systems and what not, this is the ultimate Minecraft creation of ultimate Minecraft creations A cool fanmade Minecraft trailer with nice sound effects THANKS FOR WATCHING MY SOMEWHAT BETTER THAN LAST YEAR'S PIP!! AND.... MAKING TOTALLY EPIC PIP PREZIS ABOUT MINECRAFT!!! HELLO, AND WELCOME TO MY AWESOME PIP ON...
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