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Caffe Bar & Restaurant

No description

Kane Losbanos

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Caffe Bar & Restaurant

Where can YOU find us?

A rural town situated 120 kilometres inland from the port of Gladstone at the junction of Burnett and Dawson highways located at Shire of Banana, Central Queensland, the administrative centre of Banana Shire.

Our Business
Caffè Bar & Restaurant

Family-oriented business.
Started during 2001.
Well-known in other towns due to our very affordable and great-tasting food!

Where we want to setup our business
Background Information
Caffè Bar & Restaurant would like to propose a $50,000 bank loan application to the National Australia Bank to allow us to develop a functional information system to achieve success in our business.
To achieve success, we need the approval of the bank loan proposal of $50,000 to improve our business and implement an effective information system to suit business needs.
The project will take approximately 3-4 months and requires up to $50,000 to complete. This information is provided in a business report to be submitted to the bank to support the bank loan.
Assuming the loan was approved...
Passionate, friendly and hard-working staff are needed to be hired.
Good training of staff.
Since the business is in a rural area, advertising is required.
If the bank loan application is not successful, the business will be at loss
Access to skilled workers and suppliers
Changes in cost
There might not be a lot of customers because it is in a rural community.
Caffè Bar



Updated Floor-plan
Our Business
http://raywhitebiloela.com.au/qld/biloela/1050701 Date acessed: 8th September 2014
Reasons why it should be a

Great food for everyone!
Great place for a chat.
The bank loan will help our business:

Be cost-efficient by functioning faster.
Increase sales.
Also modify and improve the premises.
Why Salesforce?

Highly effective customer relationship management system that encompass and enhance all aspects of customer interface, from sales and marketing to customer service.

Faster. Cheaper. Easier. Better.

Streamlines and automates business processes.
http://www.salesforce.com/au/?ir=1 viewed 13th September 2014
Free wi-fi
Great customer service
Delicious food
Friendly staff, warm atmosphere
Effective information system
Need to ensure that the business runs smoothly.
Staff needs to be trained to achieve success in this business
Thank you for taking the time to watch our presentation.

We hope that all the information we provided is sufficient for a granted loan of $50,000 to help us initiate an information system for this business.
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