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ecocide in vietnam

No description

matt johnson

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of ecocide in vietnam

ecocide in Vietnam the invention,use and effects the jungles of Vietnam are scared with the effects of ecocide nearly 20 million gallons of herbicide was sprayed on the jungles of Vietnam between the years 1959-1975 the majority of the chemicals sprayed and accounted for was the deadly agent orange operation ranch hand as it was called covered almost 3% of the country chemical herbicides where first explored as weapons in 1941 by a Chicago botanist the initial use for chemical herbicides (such as agent orange) was to uncover japanese forest to uncover military outposts but before the weapons where put into use the japanese surrendered during the Vietnam war operation ranch hand was put into effect and chemical herbicides were sprayed on the jungles of Vietnam the people effected take an even greater tole who is to blame... our selves our own addiction. war war is a drug-Christopher Hedges the effects of these herbicides where harsh and even deadly hundreds of acres of rice patty, jungle and farm land was destroyed farmers and their families starved. the U.S took no interest because it was just collateral and was part of war. the herbicides sprayed were designed to kill any plant in its path it did its job and it will take over 150 years for all the forests and land to grow back the compound agent orange contained large amounts of dioxin one of the most potent poisons knowen to man aid to the vietnamese people was promised but was never granted. the effects on human lives are even more devastating most exposed to the herbicides used suffered death and disease cancer, birth defects, heart disease, mental illness, the list goes on of the soldiers exposed hundreds died most vietnamese people exposed where not able to get the medical attention they needed of the people exposed nearly 400,000 died herbicide warfare (ecocide) has long lasting and deadly effects matt johnson and nate Ardey thanks for watching
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