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No description

Minyoung Boylan

on 21 January 2018

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Transcript of Shakespeare

His works had a Shakespearean style and he was nicknamed "Spear-shaker".
Born on January 22, 1561 and died on April 9, 1626
Christopher Marlowe

Shakespeare's Identity
By: Leah Gomez & Minyoung Boylan
Shakespeare's Background
Possible Identities
Shakespeare's Authorship Controversy
Many believe someone other than William Shakespeare wrote his plays.
People began to doubt his identity in the later 19nth century.
Edward de Vere
Francis Bacon
Christopher Marlowe
The theory of his authorship has been questioned since then.
Born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford, UK
Died on April 23, 1616
He wrote about 37 plays & 154 Sonnets
Educated in King's New School in Stratford
Actor, Playwright, & Theater Entrepreneur
Edward de Vere
Francis Bacon
Shakespeare's Authorship Question Video
Second most popular candidate said to have written Shakespeare's plays
Why Shakespeare's Authorship
is Questioned
Only candidate with a proven record of writing "like Shakespeare" and his later works are indistinguishable from early Shakespeare
One of the main candidates to have written Shakespeare's plays.
His life experiences, attitudes, interests, philosophy, wit, vocabulary, & learning matches what is found in Shakespeare's works
More than 100 duplicate lines in Shakespearean works, taken from Marlowe
There is evidence to prove that Shakespeare was illiterate.
His siblings were illiterate also, so people will argue that it wouldn't make sense how he wrote his plays in fine English.
There are numerous references to Marlowe's writing in Shakespeare's writing
Many believe that his plays have such great detail of distant places that people of Shakespeare's social class would never have been able to travel to.
Born into wealth, so would naturally have knowledge and experience of the upper class.
More fit to write Romeo & Juliet, Julius Caesar, or the Merchant of Venice, which are in an upper class point of view.
They were not good looking
Hamlet was a possible biography of Edward de Vere.
Flaws in the Theory
There is a lack of factual evidence that Shakespeare didn't write his plays and that conspired authors were the true creators of the plays.
Famous Supporters of Shakespeare Authorship Question
Mark Twain
Helen Keller
Malcom X
Henry James
Charlie Chaplin
Sigmand Freud
Orson Welles
(All believe Shakespeare did not write his work)
This was way too much work for us.
...3 hours of this torture..
"This is the most I've worked since I was born."
There are many theories on who created Shakespeare's plays, whether it was a nobleman or another author, but there may never be enough evidence to prove whether or not Shakespeare was real or someone else.
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