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brent Faria

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Scotland

My Dream Vacation:
Discovering My Mothers Past

By: Brent Faria
Known for its rugged coastlines, rolling green hills, and beautiful castles, there is something for everyone in Scotland. It boasts a respectable tourism sector, with many popular attractions to visit.
The Family
My dream vacation would be to travel to Scotland with my family. As my sister and I are in school, it is difficult to find time to travel together as a family. This would be a perfect opportunity to get the family together for another amazing trip.
My family and I enjoying our vacation in Portugal
The Dates

I plan on graduating university June of 2016. After I graduate, I plan on pursuing a job and paying off some of my debt incurred while at school.
It would be ideal to start saving for the trip once I start working full time and have payed off a substantial amount of my debt. I estimate that I will be financially able to go on a vacation two years after graduating. Therefore I expect the trip to be sometime in the year 2018.
The Best Time of Year
Travel experts agree that every season in Scotland has its advantages. Since my family enjoys a warmer climate, I would prefer to plan our trip in the summer. It is during the summer that Scotland's tourism industry peaks, with many local businesses collecting most of their sales for the year during this time. Since the summer is a busy time for tourism in Scotland, flight fares, hotel fares and attractions will be priced higher.
The Scottish Highland games also take place during the summer.
We will travel from Toronto to Glasgow via airplane.

We will fly out of Person Airport (YYZ) and arrive in Glasgow Airport (GLA)

Flight costs: $1100/ person
$1100 x 4 adults = $4400
My Mother
Scotland has one of the most breathtaking landscapes in Europe. Unfortunately, I have only witnessed its beauty through pictures. I would love to travel to Scotland and bask in the beautiful scenery and breathe in the fresh Atlantic ocean air, all while enjoying a warm cup of Scottish tea.
Its Beauty
The Sounds
Some of the traditions my mother brought to our family is Scottish music. The bagpipes have been a part of my Scottish upbringing, and I would love to travel to Scotland and see a Scottish Bagpiper perform. This song especially is one of the most beautiful and emotional pieces of music I have ever heard.
The Accent

One of my favorite things about being in a Scottish family is the Scottish accent. It is known as one of the thickest accents in Britain and it is sometimes very hard to understand. This video demonstrates just how challenging the accent may be. Growing up with the accent around me, I find it very easy to understand and would love to travel to Scotland and hear it everyday.
The Plan?

When my family travels, we don't usually plan a daily itinerary. While planning this trip, I have researched a few major points of interest that I think the family would enjoy and I can afford while on our vacation...
My mother was born in Glasgow Scotland on May 2nd, 1963. Throughout my life, my mother has raised me with many of the Scottish traditions she was raised with. Since moving to Canada, my mother has never returned to Scotland. She has always wanted to one day take her kids back to the place where she grew up. Not only would this be a dream vacation for me, but it would also be a dream vacation for my mother.
The Highland Games

Every year, many cities across the world participate in the highland games. The highland games are specific events held throughout the summer as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture and heritage. Some events include Bagpipe performances, heavy lifting competitions, races, dancing, and other sources of entertainment.
The highland games take place in my hometown of Georgetown Ontario every year. My family always takes an active part in going to the games, and helping volunteer with food stands.
It would be very meaningful for my family, especially my mother, if we were able to attend the Highland Games while we visit Scotland.
Upon landing in Glasgow, my mothers cousin Joseph will pick us up and take us to his house. As he has always said we are welcome anytime, we will use this opportunity to get the chance to experience what Glasgow has to offer.
Glasgow, Scotland
The Trip
Since the trip wont be until summer of 2018, the dates are unknown. It is likely that we will find a week to travel in late July early August. The trip will be a 7 day excursion through Scotland.
Sourced through Google Images

Sources through Google images
Personal photography

Personal photography
Sourced by Google images

Sourced through YouTube

Sourced by Google images

Sourced by Google images
Sourced by Google images
Sourced by Google images
Sourced by Google images
Sourced by Google images

Sourced by Google images
The trip will consist of my mother, father, sister and I traveling around the major destinations in Scotland. I planned that we will visit Glasgow, Edinburgh, and of course, Loch Ness. Due to their close proximity, travel time for all destinations is only 6 hours via train!
Sourced through Google maps

Since we are staying with our cousin, I will save some money for hotel fees. This will add a substantial amount of money to my budget for the rest of the trip. I expect that I will spend roughly $300 (Canadian dollars) during our two day stay in Glasgow. These costs will go towards dining out, transportation, and shopping.
Since my mom was born and raised in Scotland, She will most likely want to use this time to revisit her past. Some ideas include visiting her old house, her old school, and exploring the neighborhood that my mother grew up in. I would love to visit the place where my mother grew up, and hear about all of her memories.
Over the next few days in Glasgow, I would like for the family to visit a few attractions. We will get around the city using means of public transportation. Scotland is known for its great access to public transportation, and we can use ScotRail to travel from city to city for reasonable prices. We will stay in Glasgow for 3 nights.
A Play, a Pie, and a Pint
Located in the heart of Glasgow, A Play, a Pie and a Pint is a local pub/diner that shows 60 minute plays while you eat. It is known for its hilarious acts, great tasting pie, and of course the pint of beer that comes along with it.
Celtic Park
As my family loves soccer, we would love to visit Celtic park, the soccer stadium that hosts the Celtic Football Club. Scotland is known for its passionate soccer fans, and I would love to go to a live game with my family if they are playing while we visit.
Sourced by Google images

Sourced by Google images

Goodbye Glasgow, Hello Edinburgh
After a few days enjoying what Glasgow has to offer, we will depart for the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. We will travel there via ScotRail:
One way ticket to Edinburgh:
12.50 Euros x 4 adults = 52 Euros
Hotel: The Balmoral

Known for its classic architecture, modern fixtures, and gorgeous views, this five star luxury hotel will give us everything we need, and still remain in the budget.
The Balmoral

We plan on staying at the Balmoral for 3 nights. The costs:
(2) Executive Bedrooms @ 231/ Room for 3 nights
=231 x 2 x 3
=1386 Euros
-Each room includes free breakfast and access to amenities provided in the hotel (I.e., Sauna, pool, spa)

Edinburgh Castle
The one main attraction I would like to see while here is the Edinburgh castle.
The castle provides daily tours for reasonable prices. We will use this opportunity to learn about the history of Edinburgh while touring one of Scotland's most renown architectural buildings.
(1) Ticket for tour = 16 Euros
16x 4 = 64 Euros.
The tour
Sourced by Google images

Sourced by Google images
Sourced by Google images


We will use the next 2 days to explore the capital city. We will try various restaurants, visit Scottish malls and shopping centers, and possibly go to the beach if the weather cooperates. The weather usually ranges from 15-20 in the summer. I expect to spend 600 Euros during these two days.
Lastly, one of the main reason why I would like to travel to Scotland, is to see
Edinburgh Beach
Nessy the Lochness Monster!
The Lochness Monster
In 1933, local Scotsmen reported seeing a large unidentified sea animal in lake Loch Ness. Every since, it has been a skeptical if the animal actually exists.

Growing up in a Scottish household, my mother has always told me about the tales of the Loch Ness monster. I would love to visit Lake Loch Ness and try my chance at spotting the famous Nessie!
Sourced by Google images

Sorced by Google images
Loch Ness
On our last day in Scotland, the family will wake up early, and head onto the train from Edinburgh to Loch Ness.

15 Euros/ticket
=4 x 15 x 2
=120 euros to travel there and back to Glasgow Scotland for our flight back home.
Total Costs
Flights: $4400
Hotel: 1386 Euros
Spending money: 1500 Euros
Travel costs: 175 Euros
Museum: 64 Euros

Grand Total: $8500 dollars
My Dream
I Hope one day, my family and I will embark on my dream vacation to Scotland. Thank you

Sourced by Google images
Sourced by Google images
Soured by Google images
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