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Piecework Payroll and Productivity Monitoring in Garment Man

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areeya rubenecia

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Piecework Payroll and Productivity Monitoring in Garment Man

To create a database for the garment products and employees' profiles;
Piecework Payroll and Productivity Monitoring System in Garment Manufacturing
Manufacturing Business

Productivity Monitoring

Accounting department
Record of employee's wages and deductions
Productivity Monitoring

Important report to determine performance of every operator and whole department

High productivity means lesser labor cost

Gain and sustain optimal productivity
Work-in Process Monitoring

Efficiency Report
Generating reports manually
Time consuming
It takes up to 30 minutes per employee to generate the said reports.
Need to summarize the daily reports into weekly reports.
Prone to error
To design and implement a piecework payroll and productivity monitoring system.
Specifically, it aims:
To compute payroll of employees;

To monitor work-in process of ongoing products;

To monitor efficiency of employees and whole production;

To generate pdf of the reports; and

To use barcode in the implementation of the system.
Style information of a garment are added to the database.
Barcode images for the style are created and printed . They will serve as operation tickets.
Barcode images are attached by the employee to his daily operation report card .
Production information are transferred to the system by scanning the barcode images. This is done by the administrator daily, after all of the employees have submitted all of their reports.
Database is updated and needed reports are generated from the collected data.
System Implementation: Main Process
Functional Requirements
System Access
Administrator Information
Edit system administrator information
View system administrator information
Employee Information
Add employee information
Edit employee information
Delete employee information
View employee information
Add operation breakdown information
Edit operation breakdown information
Delete operation breakdown information
Generate pdf file of barcode images for every added style
View computed payroll of every employee
Generate pdf file of payroll report
Work-in Process
View status of on-going operation breakdown.
Generate pdf file of the table form
Efficiency Report
View efficiency report of each employee and whole production
Entity Relationship Diagram of the database
System Design
Expected Outputs
Sample daily payroll computaion
Sample work-in process monitoring
Sample efficiency report
Areeya U. Rubenecia

CMSC 190 Special Problem
Insitute of Computer Science
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