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No description

Christine Ann Pantollano

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of POM

One of the BEST in Asia! ST. PETER LIFE PLAN, INC. (SPLPI) is a prepaid DeathCare company, which offers traditional and affordable Life Plans to all segments of the society. Founded by Francisco “Tatay” M. Bautista, on October 23, 1970. HISTORY ST. PETERIAN OATH I am a St. Peterian.

I value God Centeredness




Customer Satisfaction

Every St. Peterian’s Welfare

Professionalism. I am a DeathCare Expert.

I am the choice of every Filipino

in the delivery

of world-class DeathCare services. I am a St. Peterian Pinoy.

I am a partner in nation building.

I help make the Philippines a better country.

I exemplify greatness

for the good of my family,

for the well-being of humanity,

and for the greater glory of God.

Kahit Saan, Kahit Kailan, St. Peter Maaasahan! CORE COMPETENCIES COMPETITIVE PRIORITIES workforce
facilities QUALITY
TECHNOLOGY e-Burol Degree of
Vertical Integration High to enable relatives and friends, who can not go to the wake of their deceased, to view it anywhere in the world thru this website. It is a digital and everlasting tribute to a loved one. OUR PRODUCTS Life Plan
Cremation Plan We are providing prompt and professional Pre-paid DeathCare services. We have different plan types that suit your budget and are payable in cash or installment for a period of five years. Features & Benefits * Guaranteed Memorial Services

Anti-inflationary Memorial Services Assured. * Very Affordable Installments

Extremely affordable installment options and schemes to choose from Spot Cash payments give you a 10% discount * Transferability

The planholder has the option to transfer his plan to another person. * Assignability

A planholder may also choose to assign his plan to any deceased person of his choice provided that the balance is paid in full before the service. * Unrendered Services

Beneficiary has the option to continue with the plan or to receive termination value according to a schedule if the memorial service was not performed * Grace Period

You are given 60 days from due date to pay your past due without penalty. * 1-Year Contestability

Contestability period is only one (1) year from the inception of the contract or date of last reinstatement. Metal Casket

Double Top (split and full lid covers)

Full Glass

Elegant Interiors

Imported corners and handles CONTRACT PRICE:
P110 ,000 St. Andrews * Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
•Servicing THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS monthly nationwide.
•Customer Satisfaction Survey says, 10 out of 10 customers are satisfied with services rendered. * DeathCare Industry Leader
•The LEADER in AFFORDABLE and SUPERIOR QUALITY DeathCare Service. * Solid Experience
• Over 30 years of experience in the DeathCare Industry. * Advantages of a Network of Chapels
• EXTENSIVE and INTERCONNECTED network of 180 memorial chapels nationwide allowing inter-chapel transfer and service at minimal cost. * Customer-Friendly Products
• PIONEER in fixed-price menu of memorial services (PRESYONG TAPAT!!!).Wide selection of imported and locally made caskets * Customer-Sensitive Costs
• AUTOMATICALLY gives 20% discount to Senior Citizens. GREAT savings on upgrading of services for all St. Peter Planholders. * Dependable Transportation Services
• Operational fleet of Mercedes Benz and Starex Van hearses and pull-out vehicles. * New & Improved Modern Facilities
• VIEWING ROOMS are well-ventilated, comfortable, well-maintained, immaculate and elegantly designed.
• SMOKE-FREE building facilities.
• SECURED and WELL-LIGHTED parking areas for families and guests. * E-Burol (Online Viewing)
• The PIONEER online viewing in the Philippines.
• REAL TIME video streaming via the internet.
• ACCESSIBLE 24 hours a day. * Superior Customer Care
• PROFESSIONAL and WELL-TRAINED Customer Service Officers
• FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS and HELPFUL Staff Features and Benefits PROCESS FLOW CHART Authorization Fill Out Embalming Report Remove Clothing and Bandages Disinfect the Body Massage the Muscles Shave the Body Place Body and Facial Features in Place Close the Eyes and Mouth Inject Embalming Fluid Drain Blood Tie the Vessels Puncture the Stomach, Bladder, and Large Intestines Remove Internal Organs Wash Body and Hair Rebuild Features, Mask the Sores Apply Make-up Trim Fingernails, Style the Hair Dress the Body Place Body in the Casket QUALITY St. Peter Chapels is one of the 7 distinguished winners of the 2012 Asian Funeral Expo (AFE) Awards, the premier award for the funeral industry across the Asia-Pacific region! Recipients of this prestigious award are carefully selected by a panel of funeral service practitioners across Asia based on corporate philosophy, design and services, social responsibility and professionalism. Forecasting Demand 2011 Sales: 3,866,883,126 2012 sales: 2,898,200,856 Under Simple Average Method: 3866883126+2898200856 2 =3,382,541,991 Factors affecting Location Decision Proximity to Customers * Advantages of a Network of Chapels
• EXTENSIVE and INTERCONNECTED network of 180 memorial chapels nationwide allowing inter-chapel transfer and service at minimal cost.
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