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College Recruiting Presentation

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Aaron Boss

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of College Recruiting Presentation

Apply practical business skills outside the classroom Who Has My First Question? Ski areas within 30 minutes (Loon Mtn., Waterville, Tenney, Cannon, Gunstock and others..)

The Lakes (Spuams, Winnepesauke, Loon)

Outdoor activities:
Rock Climbing
Tubing Nearby Attractions We compete in the worlds largest sales competition:
“National Colligate Sales Competition- New Orleans, Louisiana”
We use all online textbooks
Role play sales calls
In class presentation
Guest speakers
Mock sales What we do in class... 4,158 colleges and universities, only ___ have a sales program.

New England has three:
Plymouth State University
University of Conn
Bryant University Sales Education Great Grades=Great Careers=Great Pay Business/Marketing: 27%
Education: 16%
Parks and Recreation: 8%
Visual and Performing Arts: 8%
Security and Protective Services: 8%
Social Science: 6%
Communications and Journalism: 5%
English: 5% Majors Go to College! Takes discipline.

Its how you get the best careers.

Only___% of the population have a college degree. Next Step High Level overview of Sales and Marketing Careers.

Review of our Sales Program at Plymouth State University

Example of the things we do in class.

Information about Plymouth State University

Q & A about PSU and College life in general Agenda 19 Athletic Teams (Little East Conference Div 3)

80+ student clubs and organizations
MAPS- Marketing Association of Plymouth State

Winter Carnival Week-Ski Day Only $7.50

Spring Fling- Drake, Wiz Kahlifa

Brand new $16 Million hockey rink Things to do at PSU National Geographic's Top 50 Places to live

4,300 undergraduate students

3,000 graduate students

20:1 student to faculty ratio

2012-2013 out of state tuition $17,310 per semester (Estimates)

Average class size: 23 students

38 buildings on a 144 acre campus Plymouth State University Professional Selling Skills 1
Enter in the National Collegiate Sales Competition

Professional Selling Skills 2
Real world business experiences outside the classroom

Interpersonal Relations

Sales Internship
We place you in an organization in your ideal field

Sales Management
Capstone course integrated with students in sales classes Sales Program at PSU Sales professionals are in the top__% of income earners in the US.
Successful Reps earn over $100,000 a year.

A professionally trained sales force using consulting skills is a competitive advantage
Price and product are easily replaced.

Sales careers outnumber marketing careers about __ to 1. Overview of Sales Career A little bit about us.. Aaron Boss
Cameron Esser Plymouth State University Kraft
TJ Maxx
Otter Box Microsoft
Shark Tank Companies In Our Classroom _____% of jobs are found by networking and networking events
Taught networking skills in class

Visit High Schools and Present How are the Dorms? Mary Lyon? Langdon Woods? Hows the Dining Hall? How are the sporting events? Thank You Contact Information

Aaron Boss
Cell: (603) 398 7550
Email: ajboss@plymouth.edu

Cameron Esser
Cell: (518) 932 2113
Email: caesser@plymouth.edu (Aaron)
Proud KHS Alumni, class of 2011.
Studied in the Business department at KHS.
Currently a Sophomore at Plymouth State.
Marketing Major.
Men's lacrosse.

Queensbury High School Alumni, class of 2010.
Currently a junior at Plymouth State University.
Marketing Major.
Part of M.A.P.S.
Intramural softball and basketball.
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