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Second Chance Summer

No description

cassidy garrison

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Second Chance Summer

Characterization continued...

A book that is worth reading is one where you can really understand and relate to the characters. I enjoyed this book a lot because I was able to do that.
Second Chance Summer
by Morgan Matson

Second Chance Summer
by Morgan Matson is a book that must be in the library. A great book includes an exciting plot, characters that are easy to relate to, and content the fits the intended audience.
Second Chance Summer
includes all these things.
This book has a very interesting plot that leaves you wanting to read. It includes drama with friends, a little bit of romance, and even some sad parts, all combined into a fun summer trip to the beach.
Did you know that...
The book
Second Chance Summer
has won many awards including the YALSA 2013 Best Fiction for Young Adults Award! Having a book like this in your library is a decision that should be considered.
plot continued...
"[Second Chance Summer] is a sweet, well written coming-of-age book that pulls at the reader’s heartstrings…This is a compelling story that reads fast and grips readers until the very end.", says VOYA. With this exciting plot, it is impossible to not want to read the book.
The character development in
Second Chance Summer
is very good. There are not too many characters; however there is just enough to keep you
The content and vocabulary of this book matched perfectly with the intended audience; young adults(mostly girls). It was fun to read this story because I did not have to look up definitions on every page; however I still had to look up words to excersise my brain. some words include anatomy(23) and abrogate(47). Also,
Second Chance Summer
is good to put in the library because the vocabulary is appropriate for middle school students.
You might think it would be better to add a well known classic novel onto your bookshelf, but that is not the case. Adding
Second Chance Summer
is a choice you will not regret. You will be gratified to see middle school students enjoying reading.
Second Chance summer
in the library!

" Gelsey rolled her eyes, a language she'd become fluent in this year. She could express a wide variety of emotion with every eye roll, maybe because she practiced constantly."(23) This is a quote from the book that many young adult readers can relate to. In the library, you want a book that can pull the young readers in. I believe this novel can do that because its characters are facing some of the same struggles that we are.
Second Chance Summer
is a novel about a young teenage girl, Taylor Edwards. When her dad receives terrible news, the family decides to spend their last summer together at their old beach house that Taylor has not visited in five years. When they get there, Taylor is forced to face people she thought she left behind, like her former best friend, Lucy.
Matson, Morgan. Second Chance Summer. New York: Simon & Schuster For Young Readers, 2012. Print.
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