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Animal Parents and Their Babies

No description

Laura Manning

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Animal Parents and Their Babies

Baby mammals get food by drinking milk from their mothers. When they get older, their parents teach them to find food. They may learn to catch food to eat and they learn what else is good to eat.
How do animal parents help babies get food? Use details from the article in your answer.
D. Most babies cannot care for themselves right away.
C. Bears, giraffes, and human beings are all mammals.
B. Some babies will grow to be parents one day.
A. They have fur or hair.
Why do baby animals need their parents?
Animal Parents
and Their Babies

D. to pass into a machine
C. the food given to horses
B. seeds and fruit given to birds
A. give food to
Read the list on page 152.
Number 1 says
Parents feed their babies.

In this sentence, the word
D. It helps you take care of your pets.
C. It tells what foods to feed baby animals.
B. It teaches how to take care of a baby animal.
Read the list on page 152.
What can you learn from this list?
D. to show how little baby kittens can be
C. to show how cute kittens are
B. to show one way that mammal take care of their babies
A. to show one kind of mammal
Look at the picture and the caption on page 152. In this article, the author uses the picture to show
D. animal babies and their parents.
C. kittens
B. giraffes
A. bear cubs.
This article is mostly about
D. The babies would run away from enemies.
C. The babies would not have food and may not be safe
B. There would be more babies.
A. They would not have fur or hair.
Which best describes what would happen if mammal parents did not care for their babies?
D. The parents can kick and scare away an enemy.
C. A mother giraffe leads its baby to food.
B. An enemy attacks a young giraffe.
A. Giraffes are mammals.
How do giraffe parents keep their babies safe?
D. ching
C. at
B. wat
A. watch
Read this sentence.
D. not hungry
C. not out in baseball
B. to keep from harm
A. a strong box for keep valuable things.
In this sentence, the word
Read this sentence from the article.
Mammal parents keep their babies
What is the base word of
The parents
the babies to keep them safe.
A. It tells the things that animals parents do for their babies.
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