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Company presentation

Lorna Urwin

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Smiths

Smiths Consulting Management consultancy specializing in effective technology-enabled business change http://www.smithsconsulting.co.uk/ Consulting
Services PRISM Case Studies Aerospace (1) http://www.flickr.com/photos/xlibber/3423766012 DESIGNED and BUILT a UK wide Oracle model with full ERP functionality (all domains) which involved 5 business divisions with approximately 15,000 end users spread over 25 sites

DEVELOPED and MANAGED parallel deployments UK-wide including customer service, sales and contracts, manufacturing, finance, projects, purchasing (circa 30 modules). Additionally non Oracle systems included project management, business intelligence, travel expense tools and all interfaces.

MANAGED business testing and provided functional support in joint partnership

RESPONSIBLE for the overall UK programme delivery and management of a significant double digit budget

MANAGED key challenges including: Working with the European HQ core model owners who are located remotely

Multiple parallel delivery streams on different sites

Development in India

Aligning UK to single process – limiting change requests (managing expectations) Smiths' Scope http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwarby/5106781173 (2) http://www.flickr.com/photos/elliotmoore/336340029/ Telecommunications Summary Client: Leading supplier to the Ministry of Defence

Project: Global Model Design and UK Rollout

Location: UK-wide

No of users: c. 15,000 Benefits The organisation is now benefiting from:

More effective management and direction at UK and group level due to common reporting and definitions
Common process and tools which have enabled resource movement and greater business efficiency
A common system and infrastructure which have reduced cost of ownership/maintenance
Resource reduction and ops efficiencies based on shared services FSS and PSS
A reduction in costs due to licensing harmonisation Smiths' Scope LEAD the As-Is and To-Be situation assessment and PRESENTED the resulting Stategy Paper to the Board

ASSISTED in the implementation of a Group-wide SAP Centre of Excellence

PROVIDED organisational consultancy and project management

MANAGED the first deliverable of the new SAP CoE organisation, namely the outsourcing of SAP support in three of the organisation’s affiliates

MANAGED key challenges including: Benefits Fostering a collaborative approach between affiliates traditionally used to working towards independent goals

Gaining buy-in from senior stakeholders to investing in the CoE organisation with a view to achieving long term aims The implementation of the CoE has resulted in the following business benefits:

Provision of European organisation able to drive efficiency and technical benefits by defining a common technical and business process roadmap
Outsource of SAP support in three countries leading to a projected Opex cost saving of X'M Euros over three years
Introduction of a new way of working with affiliates who are working towards common organisational objectives. Client: Telecommunications

Location: Pan-European

No of users: c. 1200+

Service line: Organisational change management/programme management

Project summary: Org change - European Centre of Excellence (CoE) Summary (3) Summary Client: Investment bank

Location: Canary Wharf

No of users: 7000 UK and 7500 US claimants and approvers

Service line: Governance, Organisational change management

Project summary: SAP Expense UK & US rollout Smiths' Scope PROVIDED change management for both the UK and US Go-Lives

MANAGED senior stakeholders across 25 Business Areas

DEFINED approval models by Business Area

PLANNED & EXECUTED communications with Corporate Comms.

SCHEDULED & EXECUTED training for circa 400 super-users

MANAGED the data take-on activities

DELIVERED first-line project support prior to BAU hand-over

MANAGED key challenges including: Benefits Aggressive roll-out timeframe for the US (6 weeks) and a large distributed population from different cultures on different networks and legacy applications.

Volatility in the underlying HR data structures arising from rapid integration of the newly acquired operation.

Transition and communications complicated by the need to issue new Corporate Liability credit cards to all staff in the newly acquired operation.

Asia-Pacific based project team. Following the success of the UK and US Go-Lives, benefits of this project include:

Improved Management Information for Decision Support and Statutory Reporting
Improved internal controls and policy compliance
License and upgrade cost savings arising from de-commissioning of legacy systems
Delivery of a common Travel & Expenses process for the newly enlarged operation (4) Pharmaceuticals FULFILLED the roles of Project Manager, BI Consultant, SRM Consultant, Technical Consultant and Change Manager for this full life-cycle project

MANAGED and DEVELOPED the Proof of Concept (POC) phase for Affiliates in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Poland with enhanced EBP functionality

ROLLED-OUT agreed template and processes to 20 Affiliates in an agreed timeframe

INTRODUCED BW reporting suite in parallel to provide both operational and strategic reporting capability

REVIEWED and GAINED approval of key documents

IMPLEMENTED key user training and UAT workshops in the UK and Europe

PUBLISHED operating procedures and training materials on the Intranet

DEVELOPED end-user training materials for translation by local affiliates

MANAGED key challenges including: Smiths' Scope Summary Benefits Client: Pharmaceutical company

Location: Staines

No of users: 1500 across 34 countries in Europe

Service line: Governance, Solution architcture, SAP consultancy and development, Organisational change management

Project summary: Pan-European rollout of Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP) module of SAP's SRM solution and BW implementation for procurement reporting body Volume of affiliates with simultaneous go-lives

Local language and process requirements

Complex documentation validation process The successful implementation and harmonisation of purchasing processes is expected to deliver around €1m of cost avoidance in the first year through:

Cost reduction from invoice posting errors
Elimination of maverick spending
Rationalisation of supply base and controlled spend with key suppliers
Reduced overheads from automation of purchase order approval and issuing
Improved budget control
Improved visibility of cash flow Investment Bank http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwarby/2460652985/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/emagineart/4742089272 Smiths Consulting has developed the PRISM Framework™ with the objective of enabling organisations to deliver consistently the right programme and project investments in line with strategic goals. PRISM Framework & Services PRISM Delivery Some of Smiths' Clients Strategic relationship Credible Partner Flexible Delivery Approach Smiths Capability Benefits to Clients Common Goals Long Term Partnership Skills coverage Track record Strong Governance (PM & Change) ERP SCM MDM SRM Assurance Commercial Resourcing Delivery Governance services Business transformation services Technology delivery services Portfolio Management

Delivery Governance


Health Check


Improvement Road Map

Capability Development Enterprise Applications (SAP and Oracle)

Architecture Design & Delivery

Application Development & Integration

Mobile ERP

Asset Management

Data Management Change Management

Programme Assurance

Customer Advisory

Solution Architecture

Capability Development

Training Management

P3O Resources this concept is important
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